Runner: Nathan McBride

Years Running: 11

Age: 46

Upcoming Races

Aravaipa Insomniac Summer Series (Through end of September)

Midstate Massive 100 (October)

Current Goals

Build up to 80k distance long runs this summer

Complete at least a 50k each weekend (unless my coach tells me not to 🙂

Sub 24 but I will also take a decent finish at Midstate Massive 100

Long Term Goals

Vol State (Screwed) – 2022

Cocodona 250 – 2023

Sub 20 24-Hour Race (by 2024)

100k+ Vert Year

Running Accomplishments

50m PR – 8:32 (1st attempt at 50 mile)

100m PR – 21:12 (2nd attempt at 100 miles)

5k PR – 19flat

Half PR – 1:30:01

I am also proud of not quitting despite my DNFs and bad years

Favorite Part About Being a Runner

Challenging myself to do things beyond my limits and then succeeding

Running alone in the deep quiet spaces in the world

Best Races

Stu’s 30k

Monson Half

Umstead 100

Anchor Down 24 Hour

Running Words of Wisdom

If you weren’t running right now, what the hell else would you be doing?