Date: 11/4/18

Start Time: 9:50am (Wave 1)

Avg Temps (f): 58/45

Time Limit: 7:25pm course closes

Lessons Learned from Race Reports

  • With the logistics of getting 50,000 to Staten Island being so challenging and with the race starting so late in the morning, it is a long endeavor just to get to the start, and then you have to run the marathon.
  • Know the starting line and finish line logistics, like, extremely well!!!
  • Be prepared for it to take a long time to get to the start, wear extra clothes you don’t mind tossing, and bring food and water, and plan to bring even more if there’s cold or rain in the forecast
  • Also be prepared for lots of walking after the finish, not only to get through the finish chute, but to get to the family reunion area or any kind of public transportation to get back to your lodging
  • With 50,000 runners, it’s a crowded course
  • It’s also a crowded expo – be prepared for crowds and it’s going to take time to get through
  • It’s not a flat race, with several inclines of 25 feet, 50 feet, and even 100 and 150 feet, these get challenging over the course of the race
  • Train with hills!
  • With so much energy at the start and throughout the first several miles, and with so many people around, it’s easy to go out too fast
  • Get the poncho rather than the bag check – it’s super nice and you get to keep it, and it’s nice to have for that long walk after the finish
  • Pick a hotel close to the subway to make the morning logistics a little easier
  • Check out this guy’s website, who has information galore after running it 39 times (going for #40 in 2018)


Type: Point to Point, starting on Staten Island and finishing in Central Park, never repeating the same street.

Start/Finish Info: Race starts on Staten Island and finishes in Central Park. See Transportation to the start and information on the finish line.


~150 foot hill up Verrazano bridge from 0-.75 miles (you probably won’t even feel this one given the early race energy!)

~50 feet from mile 8-8.5

~100 feet from 14.75-15.5 (you will feel this one!)

~50 feet from 22.75-23.5 (and you’ll definitely notice this one!)

Link to Map and Elevation (from 2014 race)

Aid stations

Locations of water stations: Every mile starting at mile 3
Locations of electrolyte stations: Every mile starting at mile 3 except mile 17
Electrolyte offered: Gatorade at every station and Gatorade Endurance Energy Gels at mile 18. Fruit at miles 20-23

Spectator access

See Spectator information and printable guide

Boston qualifier?


Race reports

Cassie G’s 2018 race report

Jonny G’s 2017 race report

Matt U’s 2016 race report

Emily U’s 2016 race report

Race Website

Not the official race website, but a race website put on by a guy who will be running his 40th (!) NYC marathon in 2018, who has tips and information galore.