Orcas Island, WA

Moran State Park

Avg Temps f.


Gain/Loss in ft


ft/mile gain


Highest Elev.





Trail, small amount of road

Time Limit

36 hours



Furthest Aid

5.8 miles


Lessons Learned from Race Reports

  • Race reports note a fair amount of runnable sections, at least on the first time through, with the exception of the Powerline climb, which brings you to Mt. Constitution. Many notes about the climb being a major grind and mentally tough, especially knowing you have to do it 3 more times.
  • Regarding the climb up to Mt. Constitution, one runner noted the first lap is about 50-80% runnable, 70% hiking by the 3rd lap, and all hiking by the 4th lap
  • Always easy to go out too fast, but that makes loop courses all the more difficult, especially mentally, with major slowdowns loop after loop
  • Lots of changes in body temps with how the weather can be at the top and bottom of climbs, so have some layers on you, as well as in drop bags/at aid stations for changes of clothing
  • With how many hours of darkness there are at this time of the year, have a great headlamp that’s super bright with plenty of backup batteries
  • With how long some of the climbs are, it’s best not to wonder when they’ll be over and just be pleasantly surprised when they are
  • The weather will likely vary a lot over the course of the race – have lots of clothing options and a change of clothes for each loop
  • Expect the second half to take longer simply because it’s in the dark
  • Lots of race reports talk about the first loop feeling way easier and faster than expected, but then it gets way harder after that
  • Laps 3 and 4 are all about how fast your slow pace is as you manage the same climbs but in the dark


Total gain/loss: ~26,000/26,000

Ft/mile gain: 260

Total climbs: Four major per loop ranging from 800-1500 feet for each climb

Course Map / Elevation profile

Aid stations

Total aid stations: 5 per 25.2 mile loop

Furthest distance apart: 5.8 miles

Locations: Miles 4.7, 10, 14.1, 19.9, and 25.2 of each loop (25.2 is also start/finish); Bold indicates crew accessible

What’s available: Water, assorted GU (gels) + GU Brew, chips, fresh fruit, chocolate, pb & j sandwiches (and tortillas), soda, hot water, hot soup/broth, and a wide variety of other ultra fare

Crew access

Access Locations: Cascade and Camp Moran, available at Mt Constitution during the runner’s last lap.

Crew instructions/directions: Crews are limited to one vehicle per runner. There is no crew access at Mt. Pickett or Mountain Lake.  Crews may only provide aid to their runners at the designated aid stations; any help or assistance outside of the designated aid stations may result in disqualification of your runner.



Race qualifiers

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Race reports (good section by section descriptions and photos)

Strava activities and GPX files

Race Website

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