50k: 10/7

30k: 10/8

Avg Temps f.


Gain/Loss in ft

50k: 4500

30k: 3800

Furthest Aid

7 miles

Highest Elev.



50k: 9am

30k: 10am


Sand, trail

Time Limit

50k: 8

30k: 6




Longest Climb

1485 ft/3.8 miles

Summary: Starting on the beach just south of Waldport, Oregon, runners head to the seaside town of Yachats and past it to Cape Perpetua Park. After running a big loop at Cape Perpetua, runners head back to an ocean-side finish in Yachats. Most of the miles are on singletrack and the 50K distance starts with a 6 mile stretch of sandy, but firm beach running, then a small amount pavement and some packed gravel trail.

Lessons Learned from Race Reports

  • Cupless race
  • 50k has to bus to start, no crew/spectator access at start
  • Many runners like to put dry shoes, socks and a towel in the Yachats drop bag so that way they don’t have to run in the same wet, sandy shoes/socks as the ran in on the beach.
  • Your shoes will get wet on the beach
  • Weather is unpredictable and makes the beach running all the harder, especially with wind and humidity
  • Beginning of the descents tend to have rocky, slippery footing
  • Easy to go out too hard on the beginning flat beach miles (50k)
  • Watch for potholes in the lawn around Adobe at the start (30k)
  • Inclines are a mix of runnable and steep, walking type, so be ready to mix between running and power hiking


Total gain/loss: 50k: 4500 / 30k: 3800

Total climbs:

50k: 3 big ones (2x~900 feet, 1×1485 feet) miles 8.5-11, 15-18.8, and 23.7-26.2

30k: 3 big ones (2x~900 feet, 1×1050 feet) miles 2.4-4.9, 8.4-11.5, and 13.7-16.2

Longest climb:

50k: 1485 feet from miles 15-18.8

30k: 1050 feet from 8.5-11.5

Steepest climb:

50k: 800 feet from miles 9.9-11.1

30k: 800 feet from miles 3.5-4.9

Maps & Elevation Profiles

Aid stations

Total aid stations:

50k: 4

30k: 2

Furthest distance apart: 7 miles


50K: 7,14, 19.5 (no crew access, no drop bags), 24
30K: 6,13

What’s available: Water, potato chips, PB&J, fresh fruit (oranges, bananas, grapes), chocolate/candy, GU gels and GU Brew, tortillas with Trail Butter. Soda such as Coke and Ginger Ale.  

Crew access


50k: mile 7, start/finish

30k: None



Race qualifiers

50k: 3 UTMB points

30k: 2 UTMB points

Race reports

Stephen’s 2017 50k Race Report

Marc’s 2017 30k Race Report

Project Talaria video

Strava activities and GPX files



Race Website–30k.html