Philadelphia Hot Chocolate 5k Race Info

Date: 4/6/2019

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Start Time: 7:15am

Avg Temps (f): 60/41

Time Limit: ~15 minute miles

Lessons Learned from Race Reports

  • Weather can be all over the place with this time of year in Philly, so be prepared for cold, rain, and/or snow
  • Bring layers for clothing, knowing it can be quite cold at the start
  • Be careful of potholes on the road, especially at the crowded start
  • These races tend to be crowded, especially with other races going on that day, so expect crowds at the expo and the event, before, throughout and after
  • Allow plenty of time for parking with so many participants in both the 5k and 15k
  • The course feels fairly flat, but you will notice the small hill before the finish
  • With it being such a big race, they use start corrals, so if you’re near the back, know that it will take a bit of time to reach the starting line even after the race has started.


Type: Lollipop with an out and back and loop at one end

Start/Finish Info: Different locations but still very close, walkable distances

Hills: Small elevation changes of about 10-20 feet, with the biggest changes being a loss of ~50 feet early on, which runners then gain back near the end, and some smaller gains in the middle of 10-20 feet.

Course Map/Elevation (see Participant Guide)


Aid stations

Locations of water/electrolyte stations: Both water and Nuun offered; specific locations not noted, other than that there will be plenty available.

Spectator access

Access Locations: Best at the start/finish since it’s mainly an out and back course. You could also see runners just before the 1 mile mark and after the 2 mile mark, before and after they complete the loop part of the course.

Race reports


Race Website

Participant Guide