Avg Temps f.


Gain/Loss in ft


Furthest Aid

14.5 between full

Highest Elev.





Trail, dirt road

Time Limit

34 hours



Longest Climb

4500ft in 10 miles

Summary: A remote and rugged classic point to point course traversing the Siskiyou Mountains Range in Southern Oregon. Starting in Williams, OR the course winds it way east to Ashland, OR on a mixture of single track trail, dirt road, with less than 4 miles of pavement. The course boasts over 20,000ft of climb and 20,000 ft of loss with 3 climbs to 7,000ft and fantastic views of Mt Shasta and Mt McLaughlin.

Race Details

Lessons Learned from Race Reports

  • Don’t run anything in the beginning that you wouldn’t run after mile 50 because the start is so hard, starting out with 10 miles of uphill
  • The top part of the first descent is very technical and not runnable, so not a nice treat after a tough uphill to start
  • Sections of exposed ridgeline, which makes it tough in any weather condition, and it’s usually hot and sunny
  • Have to climb Mt. Wagner and retrieve a flag
  • Aid stations are sometimes fairly far away, ie if you’re walking ~30 minute miles, 10 miles takes a very long time!
  • Pacers are really helpful
  • Poles could be useful
  • Loooooong, steep, exposed climbs
  • Running a point to point course is a new, unique challenge
  • (Really good lessons learned here)


Total gain/loss: 20,000/20,000

Total climbs: 4 big ones, two of which have false summits

1x2000ft, 1x3000ft, 1x4500ft, 1x4700ft and countless other small climbs and rollers from 100 feet to a few 500 feet

Longest climb: 4760 feet in 20.2 miles from mile 44.5 to 64.7 (with several false summits)

Steepest climb: 4527 feet in the first 10.4 miles of the course

Elevation profile and Map (Strava Data) 

Aid stations

Total aid stations: 14 total, 11 fully stocked and 3 water only

Furthest distance apart: 14.5 between start and 1st full aid station (water only at mile 4.5); otherwise, 10 miles

Detailed Locations: 4.5 (water only), 14.5, 21.5, 28.5, 35, 41, 43.5, 47 (water only), 52, 59.5, 66, 73.5, 80, 90, 95.5 (water only), 100.5

What’s available: SUCCEED! S! Caps for electrolyte replacement, electrolyte drinks, water and a limited number of GU packets. Beyond that each aid station team will have an assortment of the usual “race food”.

Crew access

Locations: 28.5, 41, 43.5, 52, 66, 80

Crew instructions/directions


Allowed starting at mile 65 and can only swap out at mile 80

Race qualifiers

Western States

Race reports (Really good lessons learned here)

Strava activities and GPX files

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