seattle running coachRunner: Ping S

Years Running: 14

Age: 41

Upcoming Races

Tunnel 2 Viaduct 8k
New Orleans RnR Half
Lake Sammamish Half
BMO Vancouver Half

Current Goals

Run healthy, love it, and hopefully set a few PRs along the way.

Long Term Goals

I always love it (ok, mostly love it…) when I get passed in races by runners substantially older than me – super inspiring. I would be happy to one day realize that I am able to return the favor and offer the same inspiration to some youngsters!

Running Accomplishments

I once ran 24 miles on a track for my long run (and, in hindsight, deeply regret not just finishing off the even 100 laps).

Favorite Part About Being a Runner

That it gets me outside and is a constant reminder of the centrality of nature and physicality in our existence as human beings – something too easily forgotten in our modern tech-driven world. That it is sometimes the hardest, most frustrating, and yet most rewarding thing that I do. And, that it also gives me a great reason to buy a lot of really sweet looking shoes.

Best Races

Anything flat, and nothing >50F…

Running the Philadelphia (where I was born) Marathon on my birthday in 2016 was pretty special – coming back into the city on Kelly Dr, rounding one turn at mile 22 or so, and finding the sun splashed skyline filling my view sent tingles up and down my body and helped me push for the finish.

Running Words of Wisdom

Every time I head out the door, I try to remind myself of how lucky I am to be able to go for this run, today.