Runner: Rick Harris

Years Running:  10

Age: 42

Upcoming Races:

Q50 50K (April)

Wildcat 50K (Sept)

Pinhoti 100 (Nov)

Current Goals

Run my first 100-miler in 2020.

PR in the 50K.

Run well (aka positively and mentally strong, no matter the outcome) in every training run and race.

Long Term Goals

Western States Endurance Run

Run into my 80’s (or 90’s, or 100’s…)

Running Accomplishments

2020 Bandera 100K. After DNFing at 50 miles during my first 100K attempt on a flat, local (and somewhat familiar), course a few years ago, I had unfinished business. Bandera was virtually everything my first 100K attempt wasn’t: hilly, rocky, unfamiliar (4 states away!). This race challenged virtually every aspect of me as a runner up to that point.

Favorite Part About Being a Runner

Being able to move as God created me. The community of runners. Simplicity.

Best Races

2020 Bandera 100K

Anything long

Running Words of Wisdom