Meet the Team

Run, shuffle, trail, track, road, speedy, snail, newbie, veteran, dabbler…the running world takes all kinds. The people we coach, both past and present, have ranged from people seeking to break 2:40 in the marathon, to finishing their first marathon, from getting back into running after a hiatus, to completing their first 100 mile race, and to simply wanting to become a faster, stronger runner across several distances and terrains. The one thing they all have in common? Motivation. They want to put in the hard work that is required to reach their goals and we’re proud to be a part of their achievements.

Anouk B

Runner: Anouk B Years Running: 0 Age: 40 Upcoming Races MxAlps 60km with 4000m+ elev in Swizerland. Tor des Geants 330km ...
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san marcos running coach

Lance T

Runner: Lance T Years Running: 5 Age: 36 Upcoming Races: Pioneer Spirit 50m Current Goals Go farther. Long Term Goals Go ...
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seattle running coach

Candice C

Runner: Candice C Years Running: 1 Age: 41 Upcoming Races: Seattle Rock n Roll in June 2018 Current Goals Increase running ...
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atlanta running coach

Jill D

Runner: Jill D Years Running: 5 Age: 36 Upcoming Races Rockin Choccolocco 50k Rebecca Mountain 50 Miler Pinhoti 100 Current Goals ...
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Bryan V

Runner: Bryan V Years Running: 20 Age: 44 Upcoming Races Half marathon Labor Day weekend Current Goals Improve running pace and ...
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Joel H

Runner: Joel H Years Running: 15 Age: 28 Upcoming Races Madison Mini Marathon – Half marathon – August 18 North Face Challenge Wisconsin ...
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youngstown penn running coach

Jeremy L

Runner: Jeremy L Years Running: 2 Age: 35 Upcoming Races: Finger Lakes 25k Ragnar Trail Appalachians: Ultra division WV Trilogy ...
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Rich L

Runner: Rich L Years Running: 1 Age: 55 Upcoming Races: McCall Classic 40M Current Goals: Learn how to run! Long Term ...
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Ryan E

Runner: Ryan E Years Running: 5 Age: 35 Upcoming Races I'm running Georgia Death Race this weekend, which has been a goal race ...
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Anna U

Runner: Anna U Years Running: 6 Age: 49 Upcoming Races Dash Point 10k, Sun Mountain 25k Current Goals I am training ...
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Jade O

Runner: Jade O Years Running: 10 Age: 42 Upcoming Races Worlds End 50k, June 2, 2018 Oil Creek 100k, October 6, ...
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Tara J

Runner: Tara J Years Running: 10 Age: 25 Upcoming Races Sun Mountain 50k, White River 50 Mile Current Goals Drop time ...
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danielle d team runrun

Danielle D

Runner: Danielle D Years Running: 3 Age: 30 Upcoming Races Shamrockin' 1/2 Marathon March 11th Run the parkway 1/2 Marathon April ...
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Tu N

Runner: Tu (Audrey) N Years Running: 5 Age: 28 Upcoming Races Vancouver Marathon 2018 Mountains 2 Beach Marathon 2018 Current ...
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Lance M

Runner: Lance M Years Running: 5 Age: 47 Upcoming Races: Chuckanut 50k Sun Mountain 25k TransAlpine Run 2018 Current Goals: ...
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nyc running coach

Lyndsey B

Name: Lyndsey B Years Running: 7 Age: 30 Upcoming Races: Leatherman's Loop 10k, NJ Marathon, ECNY 10k, Bighorn 50k Current Goals ...
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Erica M

Runner: Erica M Years Running: 10 Age: 32 Upcoming Races: Kesugi Ridge Half Traverse, Denali State Park, AK, June 23rd Hoodoo ...
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jeff nibler team runrun

Jeff N

Runner: Jeff N Years Running: 0 Age: 41 Upcoming Races: Helenback, Yeti Nightmare Current Goals: Complete a 50k and run a ...
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ather haleem seattle runner

Ather H

Name: Ather H Years Running: 10 Age: 37 Upcoming Races:  Chuckanut 50k Boston marathon Current Goals Sub-2:54 Boston Favorite Part About Being a ...
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shay klevay profile

Shay K

Name: Shay K Years Running: 7 Age: 31 Upcoming Races:  1/20 Rain Run Half Mary 6/10 Light at the End of ...
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Whille O

Name: Whille O Years Running: 3 Age: 28 Upcoming Races: Snake River Half Marathon March 3rd Current Goals: Chasing a sub 2 Half Long Term Goals: 50K ...
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Andrew K

Name: Andrew K Years Running: 4 Age: 47 Upcoming Races: Boston Marathon Current Goals: Trying to best my Marathon PR and ...
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Abi H

Name: Abi H Years Running: 3 Age: 44 Upcoming Races Hot Chocolate Seattle, 15K, March 4 2018 BMO Vancouver Half Marathon, ...
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meg c team runrun

Meg C

Name: Meg C Years Running: 35 Age: 58 Upcoming Races: A Spring 50K Current Goals: Complete a 50K Long Term Goals: Get stronger, a bit ...
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aaron roche team runrun

Aaron R

Runner: Aaron Years Running: 17 Age: 32 Upcoming Races: Midleton AC 5 Mile Road Race, Midleton, Co. Cork, Ireland, 3 May ...
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Laura R

Runner: Laura R Years Running: 20+ Age: 50 Upcoming races: Samamish 1/2 - March 2018 Boston - April 2018 Current ...
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Harmony C

Runner: Harmony C Years Running: 14 Age: 26 Upcoming races: LA Marathon 2018 Current goals: Improve speed and endurance; learn ...
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team runrun

Annie T

Runner: Annie T Years Running: 3 Age: 26 Upcoming races: Walt Disney Marathon 2018 Current goals: Finishing Disney Marathon Long-term, big ...
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Jeff U

Runner: Jeff U Years Running: Since 4th grade track - it's been awhile... Age: 32 Upcoming races: Nothing on the ...
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Ayu F

Runner: Ayu Years Running: 8 years Age: 44 Upcoming races: Creve Couer Half Marathon 3/11 GO ST. Louis Half Marathon 4/8 ...
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rohit eipe team runrun

Rohit E

Runner: Rohit E Years Running: 15 Age: 38 Upcoming races: Sammamish Half Marathon 3/10, Everett Half Marathon 4/8, Yakima Skyline ...
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team runrun

Dean D

Runner: Dean Diavatopoulos Years Running: 1 Age: 48 Upcoming races: Sun Mountain 50k Current goals: Finish Sun Mountain 50k in time! ...
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seattle rock n roll half marathon

Bionda N

Runner: Bionda N Years Running: 5 months Age: 39 Upcoming races: Skagit Half Marathon and Seattle Marathon Current goals: To ...
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dan letzler team runrun

Daniel L

Runner: Daniel L Years Running: 5ish Age: 41ish Upcoming races: Hamilton (Ontario) Marathon, California International Marathon Current goals: 3:10 road marathon Long-term, big shot ...
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austin meyers team runrun

Austin M

Runner: Austin M Years Running: 8 Age: 23 Upcoming Races: Skagit Flats Marathon, Amica Seattle Marathon Current Goals: 26.2 Long-term, ...
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matt pawelski

Matt P

Runner: Matt P Years Running: 1 Age: 34 Upcoming races: 12ks of Christmas (5k), Light at the End of the Tunnel (Marathon), Chuckanut ...
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marc lesnick team runrun

Marc L

Runner: Marc L Years Running: 30, on and off Age: 48 Upcoming races: Backcountry Rise 50k, Oregon Coast 30k Current ...
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stacey n team runrun

Stacey N

Runner: Stacey Years Running: On n off for 20-ish yrs Age: 39 Upcoming races: Canyons 25k, Keys 100, Burning River ...
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wyatt davis team runrun

Wyatt D

Runner: Wyatt Years Running: 4 Age: 25 Upcoming races: Eugene Marathon (4/29) Mt. Hood 50 (7/14) Current goals: Build up ...
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roey phillips team runrun

Roey P

Runner: Roey Years Running: 7 Age: 36 Upcoming races: Mountain Lakes 100 Current goals: Complete the 50k Long-term, big shot ...
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dan sears team runrun

Dan S

Runner: Dan S (aka Sparklepants) Years Running: Started ultrarunning in 2004. Ran odd half marathons and 10Ks here and there ...
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Erik F

Runner: Erik F Years Running: almost 2 Age: 35 Upcoming races: June 10 14.5 miles cougar mtn Jul 8 19 ...
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stephen daniels team runrun

Stephen D

Runner: Stephen D Years Running: 2.5 ish but also ran in highschool Age: 34 Upcoming races: White River 50 mi, ...
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trea diament team runrun

Trea D

Runner: Trea D Years Running: 15 Age: 40 Upcoming races: Local Spartan OCR races. June 10,11 in Vancouver BC. Sept ...
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pritam das team runrun

Pritam D

Runner: Pritam D Years Running: 4 Age: 35 Upcoming races: Orcas Island 50k, Miwok 100k 2018 Current goals: Improve speed, ...
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natasha kanagat team runrun

Natasha K

Runner: Natasha K Years Running: 7 Age: 35 Upcoming races: Maybe Seattle Rock 'n' Roll Half, Portland Marathon November 2017 ...
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jonny granby team runrun

Jonny G

Runner: Jonny G Years Running: 17 Age: 31 Upcoming races: New York City Marathon Current goals: Be Happy Long-term, big ...
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stephanie gundel cascade crest team runrun

Stephanie G

Runner: Stephanie G Years Running: 15ish Age: 38 Upcoming races: CCC 100k 2018 Current goals: Work on some speed, which will ...
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esther himmelfarb team runrun


Runner: Esther Years Running: 1 Age: 14 Current goals:  Running a faster 5k and working on my speed. Long-term, big ...
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avi peres team runrun

Avi P

Runner: Avi P Years Running: 15 years Age:  39 Upcoming races:  Capital City Marathon, Triple Lakes Trail Race Current goals: ...
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alan velazco team runrun

Alan V

Runner: Alan V Years Running:12 Age: 27 Upcoming races: Dallas Rock-n-Roll Half marathon Boston marathon Jemez 50 Kodiak 100 Dallas Marathon ...
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dionne himmelfarb team runrun

Dionne H

Runner: Dionne H Years Running: 12 Age: 46 Upcoming races: Boston 2018, Light at the End of the Tunnel Marathon ...
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dan smith team runrun

Dan S

Runner: Dan S Years Running: Three Upcoming races: North Face Endurance Challenge 50 (Marin) Current goals: A sub 12 finish ...
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ricardo hoffman team runrun

Ricardo H

Runner: Ricardo H Years Running: 3 Upcoming races: Lord Hill 50k, White River 50, Cascade Crest 100 Current goals: To become ...
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matt kotsenas team runrun

Matt K

Runner: Matt Kotsenas, Seattle WA. Software Engineer @ Microsoft, New Ultramarathoner, Beer enthusiast Years Running: 3 Age: 30 Upcoming races: Rocky ...
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tian kang team runrun

Tian K

Runner: Tian K Years Running: 1 year Age: 23 Upcoming races: Chicago Marathon Current goals: Half marathon @ 1:30, marathon at ...
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mark plesko team runrun

Mark P

Runner: Mark, age 38, Kirkland, WA, husband, father of 4, software, safe streets advocate Years Running: 9 years around HS/college ...
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emily morrison team runrun

Emily M

Runner: Emily M Years Running: On and off for 10 years.  Consistently since November 2015 Age: 34 Upcoming races: “Shell Yea” ...
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anna hoisington

Anna H

Runner: Anna Hoisington, Seattle WA. Trotter.  Shuffler. I get there eventually!  PACU Nurse. Cat owner. Puppy owner.  Crystal light enthusiast ...
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rich white team runrun

Rich W

Runner: Rich W Years Running: 18+ Age: 36 Upcoming races: Birch Bay and Yakima River Marathons, and a yet-to-be-determined 100 ...
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team runrun

Milah F

Runner: Milah F Years Running: 10 Upcoming races:  Berlin Marathon Current goals: To find gratitude and joy in every day ...
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austin walters team runrun

Austin W

Runner: Austin W Years Running: 16ish Age: 38 Upcoming races: Chuckanut 50K + more ultras in 2017 Current goals: Transitioning ...
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maria hoistington bingham team runrun

Maria H

Runner: Maria Hoisington-Bingham. Attorney. Coffee drinker and pastry lover. Podcast connoisseur. A little too obsessed with my dog and cats ...
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teddy bross team runrun

Teddy B

Runner: Teddy B Years Running: 11 years since running cross country my senior year of high school, running ultras for 4 ...
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jeff kercher team runrun

Jeff K

Runner: Jeff K Years Running: 9 Age: 47 Upcoming races: Chuckanut 50K, ragnar luckenbach, Canyons 100K, White River. Cougar Trail ...
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