Seattle Ghost Marathon Race Info

Date: 11/25/17

Start Time: 7am

Avg Temps (f): 49/38 (likely rainy)

Time Limit: 7 hours (early start at 6am available)

Lessons Learned from Race Reports

  • Packet pickup is day of race only
  • It’s not a closed course, so runners run on the sidewalk and the paths around Seward Park, and the only street crossing is coming out of Seward Park as runners cross the main entrance turnaround as they cross to the sidewalk.
  • No parking at start/finish, so allow yourself enough time to find parking in the surrounding neighborhood
  • It’s still dark at the start, so have a light
  • Pay attention to footing in the Seward Park loop, as there are some cracks and bumps in the pavement, and pay attention on the sidewalks, as they aren’t even in a lot of spots, especially around the restaurant area of Leschi
  • This time of year it’s not likely to warm up much during the race, so be sure to dress for the right conditions and temps
  • With a 50k being running, the aid stations are more like ultra stations with typical ultra aid food rather than just water, gatorades and gels, so be sure to bring your own gels if that’s what you’ll consume


Type: It’s a half marathon course that first goes South and around Seward Park, then goes North and follows Lake Washington Blvd North past Leschi before turning around towards Seward Park again, and this is repeated twice for the marathon.

Start/Finish Info: The race takes place near Seward Park in Seattle. Parking is only for the start/finish recovery area in Mt Baker Park near Ferdinand St and Lk WA Blvd. It is about 0.4 miles North of Seward Park.

Hills: Minimal with very small rollers, 4 small 20ft hills around miles 7.5, 10, 20, and 22.5. 715 feet of total elevation gain.

Link to Course Map and Elevation

Aid stations

Locations of aid stations: 0, 3.7, 7.5, 9.3, 13.1, 16.8, 20.6, 22.4, 26.2 (0, 3.7, 16.8, and 26.2 are all the Start/Finish just North of Seward Park, and 7.5, 9.3, 20.6, and 22.4 are the Leschi Park Aid Station)

What’s available: Water, Gatorade, Coke, Coke Zero, chips, bananas, pbj sandwich bites and more.

Spectator access

Access Locations: Park at Seward Park and watch runners go by there twice in the first 4 miles, around the halfway point, and the finish. Spectators can also head up Lake Washington Blvd for additional locations. Find street parking along the way. See course map for more details.

Boston qualifier?


Race reports

Pritam’s 2017 Race Report

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