Date: 11/26/17

Start Time: 7:30am (half) / 8:15am (full)

Avg Temps (f): 49/38

Time Limit: 6 hours (full)

Lessons Learned from Race Reports

  • Be prepared for any kind of weather with it being late November in Seattle, the worst being cold, rainy, and windy
  • Wind is especially hard along Lake Washington Blvd, where you’re running along the water, but at least it’s flat
  • Elevation gain is ~1200 feet for the full and ~670 for the half, so you’ll feel the hills, as this is a good amount of gain for a road race. Only real flat portion is along Lake Washington Blvd
  • Finish at Memorial Stadium and you’re able to go inside the stadium and get warm afterwards, with changing areas to get out of your cold, wet clothes. A change of clothes is a must, as you will get cold immediately upon finishing
  • Cool that you will get to see the leaders on the out and back portion of Lake Washington Blvd
  • Loop around Seward Park is mainly covered and in the shade, so a reprieve from the weather
  • Worst hill in the race is on Madison Hill (~ mile 19 of the full, 8 for the half)
  • Section after Madison, along the winding Interlake Blvd, is challenging because of the rolling hills. It also feels especially cold through this section because it’s very shaded. It can be slick if it’s a really cold day.
  • Course is closed to traffic, so plenty of room to run and race doesn’t feel crowded
  • Start/finish fairly easy to get to, but make sure spectators know the road closures and how to get around if they plan on hopping around the course to see you


Type: New marathon course in 2017! A loop with an out and back portion along Lake Washington Blvd and around Seward Park. The course used to run over I-90, but with bridge construction, there is a new course for 2017.

Start/Finish Info: Both Start and Finish are near Seattle Center, near the Space Needle, just about a mile from downtown and close to Lower Queen Anne. Start is on the street and Finish is inside Memorial Stadium. Decent amount of parking garages around there, and with being within a mile of downtown and other neighborhoods, it’s possible to walk/bus/uber or take the Monorail.

Hills: Full (miles 2-3.5, 4-6, 18-20, 22-23) Half (miles 2-3.5, 4-6, 6.5-8.5, 9-10)

Marathon Course Map

Half Marathon Course Map

Aid stations

Locations of water stations: Every 2 miles, approximately, including 15 water/aid stations on marathon course and 10 on half marathon course

Locations of electrolyte stations: ~ every 2 miles

Electrolyte offered: Lemon-Lime Gatorade Endurance Formula, GU between mile 5 and 6 for the Half Marathon and at approximately miles 10, 16, and 18 for the Full Marathon.

Spectator access

Access Locations: Spectators can watch finishers approach and cross the finish line inside Memorial Stadium. Good cheer spots along the course include:

5th Ave
Lake Washington Blvd
Dexter Ave
Mercer Street

Boston qualifier?

Yes, the marathon

Race reports

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Strava links

Race Website

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