Shamrock’n Half Marathon Race Info

Date: 3/17/2019

Location: Sacramento, CA

Start Time: 7:45am (wave start)

Avg Temps (f): 65/44

Time Limit: 4 hours

Lessons Learned from Race Reports

  • Note that course changed as of 2018, so some race reports differ about the ending in particular, as previous courses did a loop before finishing at Raley Field
  • Bike path portion of the race, from ~3.8-9, can feel a little more crowded, simply because it’s narrower
  • Give plenty of time for parking, walking from the parking to the start, and expect that it takes awhile to get out of parking after the race
  • Hills on the course are mainly bridges and overpasses; otherwise, a fairly flat, fast course
  • Weather in the past has been both clear and sunny, but also and rainy, and sometimes foggy, so be prepared for different weather.
  • If you’re not a fan of bike paths, that part can be a little boring, as it’s harder for spectators to access, and it shares much of the Urban Cow HM course.
  • Lots of spectators around mile 10 will be a good boost if you’re feeling low after the bike path
  • Lots of review about a well-organized race with a fast course, minimal hills, and good aid along the way, with the only complaints being about parking


Type: Loop course

Start/Finish Info: Same location, at Raley Field, in West Sacramento

Hills: Gain of ~300 feet total, with small hills throughout of ~10-20 feet in gain

Course Map/Elevation (see Strava)


Aid stations

Locations of water and electrolyte stations: Miles 3.25, 4.5, 6, 8, 10.5

Electrolyte offered: Nuun

Spectator access

Access Locations: See Course Map. You could stay at the start/finish, or be around Capitol Park on the East side of the river, and see runners around mile 1, 5, and 12.5, with minimal walking between locations. Likely can’t see both start/finish and other locations because of bridge closure to Raley Field.

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