Southside Scramble Race Report

Race: Southside Scramble 22k

Runner: Richard Chandler

Race Date: 06/22/2024

Location: Susanville CA

Result: 2:41:17 (16th overall and 3rd in age group)

Richard running the Southside Scramble 22k
Richard running the Southside Scramble 22k

3 Bests – What aspects of the race did you like the most?
  1. Such a beautiful course.
  2. The way the route runs out on rail trails down to the river and comes back on a single track.
  3. The small event feel given it was the first ever race on the southside trail, but I expect it to grow as people hear about it.
Not so much – Aspects of the race that didn’t do it for you

Out of the race directors fault, but race day was the hottest day of the summer so far!

Weird factor – What’s the weirdest thing about this race?

Age group awards were coasters.

Highlights of your race – What did you do well and enjoy about your race in particular?

I executed my race as planned and finished well. The single track was most enjoyable for me.

Lessons for others – Share your pro-tips on the race to help the next runner

Kind of obvious, but train on the trails.

Lessons you learned that will help you next time around

I certainly needed more trail training!

Most important course specific knowledge to know about the race

Carry your own water: it’s a cup-less race with only 3 aide stations to refill.

Aesthetics – Is it a pretty course?

The course is amazingly beautiful!

Beautiful scenery at the Southside Scramble

Difficulty – Is it a tough course?

It was tough for me given my lack of training on trails, but not too tough for a trail runner with more experience.

Organized and well run – Did it feel like a well-oiled machine or were they flying by the seat of their pants?

It ran well, nice and smooth. The race director, Lynda, did a good job putting it together, and since the race was small, it was probably easier to organize.

Competition – Is there a strong field?

This race had a wide variety of runners of all abilities, from fast to slow, experienced runners to newbies. With three distances to choose from -22k, 14k, and 7k- there is an option for everyone.

Logistics – Does it require a special handshake, registration a year in advance, hotels all booked? Give us the low down on the nuts and bolts of making the race happen.

Despite it being a last minute race for me, the nuts and bolts were very easy and I had no issues.

Aid Stations – Standard fare or anything special to know about the aid stations in terms of what’s available or when?

Standard but efficient, stocked with fruit, salty snacks, Heed electrolyte drink, and water.

Weather and typical race conditions

Take note, this race is in June in California. Race day was hot, 65 degrees at the start and 85 at the finish!

Gear – Did you need anything special or is there anything you’d recommend for the next runner?

Pretty simple: trail shoes, water, and a way to carry water.

Spectators – Is this a friendly course for your friends?

Great spectators at the start and finish; the only other spot for spectators is at half way.

How’s the Swag?

Nice finisher metal, and getting a beach towel instead of shirt was neat. As I mentioned above, 1-2-3 in each age group received a custom award coaster, and 1-2-3 overall also got unique awards. Plus, runners were greeted by cold drinks, snacks, and BBQ hotdogs at the finish line.

The Overall Score – How many stars do you give this race and do you recommend that others run it?

4 stars: I highly recommend the Southside Scramble!

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