cascade crest race report
Photo: Glenn Tachiyama

Runner: Stephanie G

Years Running: 15ish

Age: 40

Upcoming races: Whiskey Basin, CCC 100k

Current goals: Race strong this year!

Long-term, big shot goals that you someday hope to achieve with running: Have a run I can feel satisfied with at CCC. And get faster at every distance from 5k to 100 miles, just to cover my bases.

Tell us about your running accomplishment that you’re most proud of and why: Last year’s race at Bigfoot 100k. It was a last-minute entry due to a DNF a couple weeks before at another race while sick. There were some crazy conditions on course – lots of rain, wind and lightning. Not that there was anywhere to stop, but I felt pretty tough pushing through it and came out with a women’s CR and win. I’m also pretty proud of the amount of training that I put in for 2017. This led to me managing to have 10 good races in a row (ranging from 5k to 100 miles), and recovering well from every one of them, which is not usually a strength. I also ended the year injury-free!

Favorite part about being a runner: The days when it feels easy. I also love the feeling after races. I often feel a little separate from, and proud of, my body and what it can do. Seeing beautiful places that many people don’t get to experience. And being able to eat more.

Favorite Workout: Probably downhill repeats, as long as I don’t break anything. Much of running just depends on improving fitness, but downhill running feels like developing a skill, which is fun. Plus, it’s sneaky in that you still have some work to do when running back uphill.

Most Challenging Workout: Time trial of any sort and getting out to do anything in the dark and rain.

Best races: 2019 Bigfoot 100k, 2018 Orcas Island 50k. And I could really pick almost any race from 2017. Highlights were breaking 1:30 in the half marathon at the Anacortes Art Dash, and running a consistent race at Javelina 100k.

Running words of wisdom: During hard spots in races I like to remember that it always gets easier again. 

Social media links:

-instagram – stephaniegundel

Race Reports:

CCC 100k – 8/31/18

Eugene Marathon – 4/29/18

Orcas Island 50k – 2/3/18

Deception Pass 25k – 12/10/17

Javelina 100k – 10/28/17

Baker Lake 50k – 10/7/17

Cascade Crest 100 – 8/26/17

Needles 50k – 7/22/17

Beacon Rock 50k – 6/10/17

Sun Mountain 25k – 5/21/17

Badger Mountain 50 – 3/24/17

Eiger 100k – 7/16/2016

Beacon Rock 25k – 6/4/2016

Indy Mini Half – 5/7/2016

Yakima Skyline 25k – 4/17/2016

Chuckanut 50k – 3/19/2016

Orcas 50k – 2/6/2016

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