Runner: Steven B

Years Running: 2

Age: 31

Upcoming Races:

April 6/7- California Classic 35 bike/ half next day
April 13- McKenzie half (Trail)
June- Shadow of the Giants 20k
August- hell of a half/ SAR Half (Trail) / Santa Rosa Half
October- Judgement day Half
November- Two Cities Marathon (First Marathon)

Current Goals

Progressively get faster by working with my coach.

Long Term Goals

Qualify for Boston Marathon, and later try to do a full Iron Man

Running Accomplishments

PR 1:35 half marathon.

Favorite Part About Being a Runner

It’s free, and enjoyment of the distance you cover.

Best Races

End of Trail Half Marathon

Running Words of Wisdom

To be fast runner, you have to be a strong runner

Photo: Darryl Ploen of Ploen Photo