Runner: Susan H

Years Running: 30

Age: 53

Upcoming Races

  • Riverlands 100 miler (Maine) is the big one – May 10th weekend
  • Bear Brook Marathon (NH) July
  • Vermont 50 (September)
  • some others

Current Goals

Finishing 100 miler in May

Long Term Goals

  • Staying injury free and finding different
  • Possibly the Vermont 100 – need to see how I feel after Riverlands
  • Running more mountain races

Running Accomplishments

  • Came in 1st in my age group at the Vermont 50 this past September – I did the 50k
  • Completing the Vermont 100k last summer after a long injury last spring – training was limited to lots of hiking
  • Running 50 miles of the Connecticut AT trail (40 miles at one time, then went back to finish the last 10 – 12)
  • 1st in my age group at the MIllinocket marathon (Maine) in 2017
  • 1st woman at the Vermont 10 miler in 2016

Favorite Part About Being a Runner

Being out in the fresh air, how it makes me feel after and realizing I actually can do better than I think I can.

Best Races

  • Ragnar trail relays are the best – lots of fun, no pressure, great weekend of hanging out with friends of all abilities
  • All the Vermont races I’ve done
  • Kismet Cliff 1/2 marathon – total mountain running (White Mountains, NH)

Running Words of Wisdom

If I can do it, anyone can!

Social Media Links

More of stalker on Social Media – but am on FB, Instagram, Strava (is that Social Media?)