Runner: Tim Lane

Years Running: 9

Age: 43

Upcoming Races

Chattanooga Trail Relay

Marine Corps Marathon

Current Goals

Sub 4 Full

Long Term Goals

Continue to shave time and maybe, just maybe, get the BQ!!

Running Accomplishments

2 X Marathoner


Several 5Ks and 10k’s

Favorite Part About Being a Runner

To remember where I came from. Having been in the Army for 6 years, I hated running, someone telling me what to do… You know….

Smoking at least a pack a day for 20 years, I started ballooning on my weight and had to do something with all my extra free time (you know, from not having to smoke and kill myself), I decided to take up running. Did the C25K app, and then did my first 5K, I was over weight (almost 250) and stopped several times (I know, I was waiting on the 5K police to show up and tell me I was DQ’d), to around a 40 minute 5K, I finished, and that was huge for me.

Today, nearly 9 years later, I am down to around 200, thanks to running and diet, I run off and on, but have never really seen myself as a “runner”, but that is changing. I took most of last year off without any goals or races planned, so having to start back new is never fun, but my times are getting better and I’m feeling better about where I am headed.

Best Races


Running Words of Wisdom

Run your own race, that has been the hardest thing to get through my head, but I remember that when I start comparing my mile times with everyone else, we all have our own race, and we need to run it.

Running is 90% mental and 10% physical, so that means you have to be mental to run, right?

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