tyler f team runrunRunner: Tyler F

Years Running: 3

Age: 32

Upcoming Races

Xterra Knoxville Half Marathon
8 day John Muir Trail attempt OR Sierra Crest 50k

Current Goals

My current goals are to mainly increase my fitness, prep for some upcoming events, and to better my fastpacking game. I would also like to eventually do a 50 miler and 100k

Favorite Part About Being a Runner

I get to peaks and mountains faster than hikers 🙂

Running Words of Wisdom

Remember there are some people out there who would give everything to be able to run or walk again. Embrace the suck and push through it.

I think having the mental fortitude to push through the hard times is just as important as being fit. It’s an art form I’m still learning to master, but I believe running is almost as much mental as physical. For me anyways.

Race Reports

XTerra Knoxville Trail HM – 6/2/18

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