Date: 1/7/17

Location: Orlando, FL

Start Time: 5:30am

Avg Temps (f): 70/50

Time Limit: 7 hours

Lessons Learned from Race Reports

  • Lots of walk/runners on the course, so if you start further back, you’ll find it quite crowded, as it’s a big, popular race (~18,000 runners)
  • Because it’s so crowded, pace groups tend to be big and hard to pass
  • Expo is also really crowded – with so many races going on over the weekend, there are tons of runners in town, heading to the expo (~100,000 runners)
  • It’s about a mile from where the shuttle buses drop you off, so be ready to walk that far
  • Even though average temps are quite warm, historically it’s been very cold at the start (~30s), and with such an early start and time standing around until the start, be sure to wear layers you can toss at the start or along the way, as you’ll be in the start area for quite a while (or wear them the duration of the race)
  • Again, it’s a long wait in the start corrals, so have layers, food and water (and hot coffee) for while you wait, as there’s none offered by the race (at least not in the past)
  • A lot of tight turns along the course, particularly through the Wide World of Sports area (miles 18-20) as well as all the other theme parks along the way
  • It helps to stay at the resort in terms of ease of getting to and from the race on race morning
  • Race is mainly flat, but little hills can still be challenging
  • Because the weather is so unpredictable, pack for warm, cold, wet, windy…


Type: One big loop with some small twists and turns along the way in and around the different theme parks

Start/Finish Info: Both at Epcot center, need to arrive well before 5am to park. Be sure to know shuttle options and parking rules.

Hills: 2 gradual hills of ~20 feet from miles 10.5-13 and miles 15-16.5. Otherwise, very flat course with minimal elevation change.


Course Guide

Aid stations

Locations of water stations: About every 1-2 miles, both water and Gatorade

Locations of electrolyte stations: Bananas and Gels at miles 12, 16, and 20, approximately

Electrolyte offered: GU brand in past race report, but not confirmed for 2018

Spectator access

Access Locations: Mile 5.3 in Magic Kingdom Park; otherwise, spectators must purchase tickets to enter the other parks. Online tracking is available, as are Cheer packages that spectators can purchase.

Boston qualifier?


Race reports (includes reviews and experiences from past participants, including pros and cons)

Strava links

Race Website