Name: Whille O

Years Running: 3

Age: 28

Upcoming Races: Snake River Half Marathon March 3rd

Current Goals: Chasing a sub 2 Half

Long Term Goals: 50K before my 30th birthday

Running Accomplishments: Completed my first marathon in October 2017, 4:34!!

Favorite Part About Being a Runner: Being able to push myself. I never thought I would be a runner. In high school I would throw up after running just one mile.

Best Races: My first half in 2014, The Spokane Half. That was the furtherest I had ever ran and I did it with my best friend. So much fun & I was incredibly proud!

Running Words of Wisdom: Best advice I’ve ever received was right before marathon training. My coach at the time said, “take it one day at a time and don’t look ahead of the schedule.”

Social Media Links:

Instagram – whilleruns.pnw