Zion 100 Race Data

 Quick Summary: A challenging, scenic run through the southern Utah desert adjacent to Zion National Park. 4 distances are offered – a Half Marathon, 50k, 100k, and a 100 miler. The 100 mile course includes 4 steep climbs onto mesas that offer incredible views of the varied geological features of the area.


Single track, dirt roads, slick rock

Detailed course description:

  1. Steep climb up the Flying Monkey trail up onto the mesa, followed by a six mile loop at the top and then come back down the way you came up.  Small stream crossing around mile 13.5.
  2. After hitting the Dalton Wash aid station for the first time, you’ll run single track for a mile, then head up a dirt road 4 miles to the top of the mesa where the Guacamole trail begins. There is an aid station near the beginning of the 7.5 mile loop that you’ll pass through on your way out and back, then you’ll head back down to the Dalton Wash aid station for the second time (mile 30ish).  
  3. You’ll then cross the highway and start across the desert towards the Gooseberry Mesa. You’ll scramble up a 1,500ft ascent to the Goosebump Aid Station and then head out towards Gooseberry Point. You’ll pass through another aid station twice before hugging the south rim of the mesa for a mile or so before heading inland, angling back towards the Goosebump aid station, which you’ll hit a second time around mile 47.
  4. Next you’ll run on a dirt road just over six miles to the Grafton Mesa aid station. After that you eventually drop down off the mesa to an aid station at the bottom of a wash near the ghost town’s cemetery (mile 57.5). You’ll then head back up the mesa and will work your way back to the Grafton Mesa aid station for the second time, then back to the Goosebump aid station for a third time (mile 68.5).
  5. Finally you’ll go back down the steep trail to the bottom of the mesa, then follow a faint doubletrack along the foot of the mesa over to the Virgin Desert aid station. You’ll do three different loops on the smooth singletrack of this trail system before finishing.

Crew access

Locations: Miles 15, 30.5, 53.5, 62.5, 76.5, 81.2, 87.1, 94

Link to list: http://www.grandcircletrails.com/zion-general-info/#pacerscrew

Crew instructions/directions: Click here for driving directions to Dalton Wash Aid Station

Click here for driving directions to Grafton Mesa Aid Station (Road between Rockville and Grafton Mesa can get rutty and it’s recommended to have high clearance/4wd if you drive it. Otherwise take the longer approach using Hwy 59.)

Click Here for driving directions to Virgin Desert Aid Station

Drop bags:

Locations: 15, 30.5, 35.5, 47.5, 53.5, 57.5, 62.5, 68.5, 76.5, 81.2, 87.1, 94

Details: http://www.grandcircletrails.com/zion-general-info/#aidstationinfo


Total gain/loss: 11,114/11,115

Total climbs: 4 of at least 1,000-1,500 feet each, 6 of 250 feet each

Maps: http://www.grandcircletrails.com/zion-general-info/#maps

Aid stations

Total aid stations: 13 fully stocked aid stations

Furthest distance apart: 7.5 miles

Locations: 4, 10, 15, 19, 26.5, 30.5, 35.5, 40, 41, 47.5, 53.5, 57.5, 62.5, 68.5, 76.5, 81.2, 87.1, 94

Details: http://www.grandcircletrails.com/zion-general-info/#aidstationinfo

What’s available: Water, an electrolyte, fresh cut fruit, several salty items and several sweet items, and soda. Aid stations later in the race will also have real food that may include boiled potatoes, tortillas w/ Nutella, PB&J, turkey sandwiches, dill pickles, chips, a variety of candies, anti chafing agent, sunscreen, first aid supplies.  Limited supply of gels, salt caps, and electrolyte caps.


Pacers start at Grafton, which runners pass at miles 53.5 and 62.5

Runner Tracking

No live updates, but runners can text them from the areas of the course with cell service (there are many points on the course where reception is  good enough to get a text out, but it can be difficult to get a phone call out. Runners can also use a tracking app such as Endomondo which will automatically update your whereabouts when you come into a reception area. (These apps tend to drain your cell phone battery and the use of a battery backup device will be necessary if you plan on leaving it on for the duration of the event.)

Rules and Guidelines

For course marking all distances/courses will be marked with pink flags and ribbons. 100 mile course includes 3 loops in the Virgin River desert starting at mile 76.5. The order of the markings and loops will be Red, then White, then Blue. These loops will be signed and marked with Red, White, Blue flagging and markers. It is the responsibility of the runner to check in at each aid station (coming in only, no need to check out of the aid station.) Seek out the aid station worker wearing the fluorescent orange vest and give them your bib number. Failure to check in at an aid station can result in disqualification. If you drop out of the race YOU MUST TURN IN YOUR BIB TO THE NEAREST AID STATION CAPTAIN. If you fail to do this, you will be responsible for all related search party costs.

Race reports

Emily B’s 50k in 2019





Strava activities and GPX files*




*Note that since 2016 the course included an additional ~1,000 feet of gain and 2 miles, making the race 102 miles


Race start and cutoff times


5am- Last minute check ins

6am- The 100 mile and 100K races begin.

100 mile, Overall cutoff- 34 hours

Race Website


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