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If you've owned this in the past, how does it compare to the previous model of what you owned? Different fit, taste, cost, materials, etc?
If you've tried other brands of this gear, how does this piece of gear compare in terms of what makes it different and/or the same, and does it function better/worse/differently than the other brand?
How long did it last? Is this piece of gear going to long haul until it dies, like my 5 year old Forerunner 225, or is it already in the donate pile because the threads wore out after 5 washes?
What could be improved and/or what should never be changed about it?
If your friend were looking for a piece of gear in this category, would you recommend they buy it and/or would you give this as a gift to that friend because you like it so much? Would there be something else you recommend they get instead because this gear doesn't fit their needs?
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