When a month of coaching has been purchased and a coach has begun preparing training for an athlete, there are no refunds. There are always exceptions so please contact us at if specific circumstances warrant a review. The intent of this policy is to acknowledge that much of a coach’s work is often done early in a billing cycle and therefore, a coach’s time is not spent in equal increments throughout the month. We want to respect our coach’s time investment in each runner’s success and pay them accordingly.




Runners have the option to “pause” a current coaching period and resume training on an agreed upon date. Situations that could clearly fit this situation are:

  • An athlete gets injured and is unable to train
  • A key race is completed and there is a scheduled rest period in training for an extended period of time

When coaching needs to be paused, it is the responsibility of the athlete to communicate with Team RunRun and their coach that a break from structured training is necessary. On the day TRR/coach is informed of the need to pause, that will be the day the billing cycle will be paused. The runner has 12 months to resume training to utilize any unused days paid for.

What we want to avoid is a situation where a coach puts in work to prepare training, and then an athlete then decides to stop training. Not cool. The coach has worked for their coaching fee at this point and the time has already been spent on their end. We want to be flexible for runners, taking into account the benefits and need for off time after big races and for injuries, while still rewarding our coaches for their hard work. Please be cool about this and respect your coach’s time.

There are likely many more scenarios for “pausing” training and these situations are dealt with on a case-by-case basis and require the agreement of the coach and timely communication from the runner. The intent of pausing is to make it easy to take planned breaks following big races, training cycles, and seasons. The coach and athlete ideally plan this ahead of time so that training can be planned accordingly.



Runners can cancel and end their coaching relationship at any time. You can work through the end of your current paid month and then discontinue coaching, or you can stop mid-month and retain a credit and enter a period of Unstructured Training if you don’t want to completely cancel the coaching package. You can cancel or pause training online on your own from the link to the recent order on the My Account page at any time, or from PayPal, where you set up the coaching payments. Ideally, you communicate with your coach or TRR so we’re all on the same page and are working together.

Our end goal is for each runner and coach to feel like they are being treated fairly and receiving what they each aim to get out of their relationship. If anyone is unhappy at any point when it comes to the monetary side of this equation, contact your coach directly or contact us at to discuss your concerns. We’re here for you and want the emphasis to be on becoming better runners!



You can change your coaching package at any time, provided that the coach you are already working with offers other packages, such as Standard, Premium, and/or Deluxe. To change coaching packages, email and a member of Team RunRun will update your package, which will then reflect on the Orders page, accessed via the My Account page on the Team RunRun website. If the price of the new coaching package is more or less than the previous one, that new price will be reflected in the next scheduled coaching payment.



If at any point you’re considering changing coaches, please reach out to either your coach or Team RunRun at, and we’re happy to discuss other coach options with you in order to help you find the coach that best fits your needs and goals. Because coaches are paid on a monthly basis, and because coaches often write training for 2-4 weeks at a time, we want to pay them for the work they have already done for your training. While you can reach out at any time in order to switch coaches, it’s only possible to change coaches at the start of a new billing cycle for your monthly coaching, so that day depends on your next coaching payment, which can be found on the Orders page, accessed via the My Account page on the Team RunRun website.