How Much Does an Online Running Coach Cost

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 Coach Vivian Vassall – Photo: David Jaewon Oh
At Team RunRun, our mission is to find each runner the optimal coaching fit. And we know that one of the key components for many athletes, is the price. So in this article, we’re digging into the question of how much does an online running coach cost.

The short answer is anywhere from $35 per month to over $200 per month. This is for all online, personal running coaching, with unlimited feedback from your coach, and unlimited changes to your training plan. But let’s dig deeper!

What exactly are you paying for when you hire an online running coach?

At Team RunRun, we’ve built the platform such that you can know expectations up front. How quickly should you expect a response? What modes of communication are available from your coach – email, text, video calls, phone calls? What training log platform do they use – Final Surge, Training Peaks Premium, or VDOT?

But the ultimate value in working with an online running coach is in the daily interactions with your coach. Our coaches are the running resource for their athletes. Have a question about gear? Ask your coach. Fueling for a race? Ask your coach. Question about racing, training, shoes, and more – ask your coach! Your coach is an expert in the sport and they’re here for you, anytime you need them! This is where the beauty of online running coaching lies – in the relationship between the athlete and coach, and this is what you’re really getting for your money. Anyone with some knowledge of training can craft a good training plan, but it takes a coach to help you realize the potential you have in you.

But wait, there’s more!

With Team RunRun, not only are you getting an awesome coaching relationship, but you also become part of a global team of athletes and coaches. You have access to resources – Team Forums, closed team Facebook groups, team video calls, resources for connecting with teammates and more. This is all included in your monthly coaching fees, and it’ll help you feel more engaged with the sport than ever! And there are discounts! With our size as a team, we have lots of companies offering us perks!

Ok, this all sounds awesome, but why is there such a wide variation in pricing?

At Team RunRun, our coaches set their own pricing. Many coaches are excellent coaches but new to online coaching. They may offer a low price in order to build up their roster – you can find some great deals on amazing coaches this way. On the other hand, you may see higher prices from more veteran coaches, who have an established roster of athletes and many positive reviews.  Bottom line is that coaches have a variety of reasons for charging what they do, but in the end, this works out in the best interest for the runner because there are options that can fit any budget.

In summary, we think that the question of cost is an important one and we’re proud to have a roster of coaches to meet any budget. But long term, for a great coaching relationship to work, it’s about way more than the money. You want a coach who you connect well with, who you’re comfortable sharing with, and who understands you as a runner and a person. For this reason, we encourage all athletes to reach out to coaches with questions and to ensure a good fit. When we get the athlete-coach relationship right, not only will you become a better runner, but you’re going to have an amazing and memorable running journey.

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