Is Hiring an Online Running Coach Worth It?

Now that you know what online running coaching is and how much it costs, let’s talk about whether hiring an online running coaching is worth it. 

Why hire an online running coach?

Before hiring a running coach of any kind, it is worth stepping back to examine your goals. At Team RunRun, we firmly believe that any and all runners deserve a coach. That said, you should know why you want a coach before hiring one. That could be training for a new race, trying to get back into running after time away, or looking for more connection to your running after months of training. 

What should I expect when hiring an online running coach?

An online running coach will give you many of the same things you would expect when hiring an in-person running coach. That includes:

  • Personalized training plan based on your goals
  • Accountability around that plan

In addition, an online running coach hired via Team RunRun gives you:

  • Unlimited communication with your coach (via email, text, phone, or whichever communication channel you mutually agree upon)
  • An expert to give you running advice. Overwhelmingly, our runners tell us they love having someone they trust to ask their questions!
  • Team camaraderie and support. When you hire your online running coach via Team RunRun, you are joining our team, which means you will make new friends and mentors across our community of 1400+ runners. That is on top of your personal online coach!
  • Discounts to running gear and tech. Since our team is so large, we access great discounts to running supplies, and we share it with you!

What kind of results can you expect from hiring an online running coach?

An online running coach will help you hit your running goals, whatever those are. At Team RunRun, our online coaches work with runners whose goals vary from qualifying for the Boston Marathon to getting back into running as part of addiction recovery. You can expect your online running coach to help you build healthy running habits, build strength, consider nutrition, and overall help you achieve your personal running goals. 

Here is what Ben Drew from The Wired Runner had to say about the results you can expect from an online running coach:

“And the cost – while not free – is not expensive, either. In fact, running coaches can be a great value considering the amount of improvement you’re likely to see.”

salt lake city running coach
Coach Noah Brautigam – Photo: Mary KcIntyre

Is an online running coach better than an in-person trainer?

Hiring an online running coach gives you several advantages over an in-person trainer. While you won’t get a running buddy to pace you on your daily jog, your online running coach will give you personal training plans and unlimited communication. That means:

You spend less for more

Instead of paying an in-person trainer by the hour, you hire your online running coach on a monthly subscription. They will do more than show up to walk you through your exercises. They will hold you accountable, answer your questions, and keep in constant contact to make sure your training plan meets your needs.

You can find the right coach for you

When you hire an online running coach, you aren’t limited by which athletes are available in your area. You can find the coach who fits your personality, lifestyle, and budget, no matter whether you live nearby or not. Working with the right person is definitely worth it!

You can keep your coaching flexible

In this day and age, life needs to stay flexible so you can move, go on vacation, or perhaps just avoid human contact for extended periods of time. With an online running coach, your coach is always virtual, so you can take them with you, whatever changes your life requires.

How do I hire an online running coach?

Hiring an online running coach is easy when you work with Team RunRun! Browse our roster of 80+ coaches to find the one who meets your running goals and budget. Don’t forget to check out the runner reviews to see what Team RunRun athletes have to say about each coach!

Find Your Coach

seattle running coach
Coach Jack Bolas – Photo: Courtesy of Grandma’s Marathon

Why Hiring an Online Running Coach is Worth It

Don’t take our word for it. Here is why real Team RunRun runners think hiring an online running coach was worth it:

“I’ve made an immense amount of progress in both my running ability and running knowledge. This is my first time working with a running coach; and to say the least, the experience has been well worth it.”

“Hiring CJ was hands down the best decision I have made with my running. He has been very quick to respond to questions or comments and has made great adjustments to my training plan when needed. You can tell he puts a lot of time into each plan.”

“I love that he takes into consideration my work/family schedule and provides a training plan that is reasonable.”

“It wasn’t a cookie-cutter plan, but one tailored towards me.”

“As a lover of running, I can’t emphasize enough that having Mark as a coach has been the best running investment I’ve ever made.”

“She gets the busy lifestyle that comes with work and kids, and has been a huge help at working my schedule around them.”

“Ashley is very responsive and I feel like she truly cares about me and all her clients.”

“I’ve loved every minute. I can’t remember what it was like training alone…this experience has blown my mind and the results speak for themselves.”

“I have been running for 18 years – working with Team RunRun has been one of the most transformative experiences I have had in that time.”

“I hesitated so long to hire a running coach. Can someone who is an average runner benefit from coaching? Does e-coaching work.. and am I worth it? was the best decision I could have made! Matt has been fantastic to deal with..FAST response time , smart, encouraging, TOUGH ( which I asked for lol) and able to adjust plans on the fly when life gets in the way.”