Our mission is to connect as many runners with great coaches as we possibly can. As people become better endurance runners, they become better people. They become healthier, they become more mindful and centered, they strengthen their willpower and become grittier, and they become happier people. The odds of someone becoming a better runner are significantly higher with a great mentor. If we accomplish our goal, we make the world a better place.  

We offer personal, one-on-one, online running coaching for all abilities, distances, and terrains, for those looking to qualify for Boston, run your first 100 mile trail ultra, train for your first 5k, and even come back from injury healthy and happy. We love our runners. We love our coaches.

Who we are:

Who is Team RunRun? We like to think of Team RunRun as an awesome group of runners and coaches, but if you’re here to find out about the people who started Team RunRun, er...us, Matt and Julie Urbanski, then you’ve come to the right place! Also included in our wonderful family are our sons, Paavo and Brecon. We’ve both been runners for 20+ years, Matt having started running as a kid with his Dad and his black lab, Magic, and Julie having started because she got cut from all the other sports in high school (for real, I was pretty bummed for quite some time about that. Not bitter. Not bitter at all…) 

Matt coached friends and family off and on starting around 2008 when we were training hard with a group of friends, all shooting for PRs in as many distances as possible. Years later, Matt picked up coaching again and we started Urbanski Coaching in 2013 while Matt was in nursing school. Coaching runners ended up being way more fun and rewarding than the prospect of a nursing job, so post-nursing school graduation, Matt decided to treat this coaching gig as a full-time thing.  

In came Paavo (or is it out?) at the end of 2015 and in 2017 we changed the business name to Team RunRun (upgrade, in our humble opinion) and it’s been growing ever since. We partnered with our good friend Dave Scheibel for much of that first year, thank you Dave for all you have done for Team RunRun, including the Team RunRun name itself! In growing Team RunRun, we look for a varying array of coaches, with different experience, different skills, different communication styles, and try and help match them with runners looking to achieve their goals in running, whatever they may be.  

In our running careers, we have fit the shoes of so many different types of runners, as we’ve competed on the roads, track, and trails, and we’ve often been complete newbies in a different running circle. (ie. Ultras. What newb hasn’t walked to the starting line of an ultra and had their bib pinned neatly to their shirt, only to see every else’s is in a little square on their shorts???) We’ve also enjoyed becoming the vets who help others navigate new waters or navigate familiar waters in a new way. It’s all so cool to be a part of.  

All this is a really long-winded way of saying that Team RunRun was created and is managed for runners, by runners, by us - Matt and Julie Urbanski. And we have two fantastic sons, Paavo and Brecon, with whom we try and travel the world and keep track of it all on a blog over at Urbyville.com.

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