Our Mission

Our mission is to connect as many runners with great coaches as  we possibly can. As people become better endurance runners, they become better people. They become healthier, they become more mindful and centered, they strengthen their willpower and become grittier, and they become happier people. The odds of someone becoming a better runner are significantly higher with a great mentor. If we accomplish our goal, we make the world a better place.

For the Runners

  • Join the team and become part of our community - we’re all working toward common goals and it’s easier to do it together
  • Great coaches!
  • Access to group runs
  • Access to team Facebook and Strava groups for sharing info and team camaraderie
  • Earn Teambuilder Bucks toward free TRR swag
  • Race Intel for key races (Premium & Deluxe programs)
  • Peace of mind that TRR is backing your purchase
  • Referral system - help us grow the team and get paid for it
  • Review system for rating coaches and providing feedback
  • Weekly Newsletter highlighting interesting running articles, sharing race results, race intel, and race reports

Search our list of coaches and find the mentor that will guide you to becoming a better runner. Choose the Training Package that fits your needs, and then get started. Reach out to Team RunRun and start the process for improving your running today!

For the Coaches

  • Clearly defined products for coaches to choose from
  • Support from TRR with resources and insights into becoming a better coach - we want you to succeed!
  • Organized, easy-to-use tools for making the operations of coaching simple so that all you have to do is coach
  • Invoicing and bill collection
  • Referral program for coaches referring other coaches
  • Earn Teambuilder Bucks toward free TRR swag
  • Race intel prepared for client target races (Premium & Deluxe Packages)
  • Professional liability coverage
  • Review system for being evaluated by runners, enabling enhanced credibility directly from customers

All you have to do is coach. Reach out to us if you're interested in becoming a coach for Team RunRun.