About Team RunRun

Who is Team RunRun? We like to think of Team RunRun as an awesome group of runners and coaches, but if you’re here to find out about the people who started Team RunRun, er…us, Matt and Julie Urbanski, then you’ve come to the right place! Also included in our wonderful family are our sons, Paavo and Brecon. We’ve both been runners for 20+ years, Matt having started running as a kid with his Dad and his black lab, Magic, and Julie having started because she got cut from all the other sports in high school (for real).

Matt coached friends and family off and on starting around 2008 when we were training hard with a group of friends, all shooting for PRs in as many distances as possible. Years later, Matt picked up coaching again and we started Urbanski Coaching in 2013 while Matt was in nursing school. Coaching runners ended up being way more fun and rewarding than the prospect of a nursing job, so post-nursing school graduation, Matt decided to treat this coaching gig as a full-time thing.

Since then, Team RunRun has matched over 2100 runners to coaches to help them achieve goals ranging from enjoying running more, setting personal records, or qualifying for Boston and other races. 

The Team RunRun Family

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Team RunRun is a family – literally and figuratively. We started the original coaching business as a husband and wife team, and since then, we have welcomed our sons Paavo and Brecon. We also count our friend Dave Scheibel as part of the Team RunRun family, since he was one of our initial partners and gave us the name!

Running is what brought us together, since we met in college while working in a specialty running shoe store (shout out to old school Bob Roncker’s in Cincinnati). In our running careers, we have fit the shoes of many different types of runners, as we’ve competed on the roads, track, and trails. Wherever you are in your running journey, we have both been there, and we love matching runners to coaches so you can continue to reach for new goals.

Is Team RunRun the right running community for you?

Team RunRun is designed for runners by runners. If you love to run, or if you love to help other athletes achieve their running goals, we want to be on your team. Here are a couple of reasons why we might be the right running coach community for you:

For Runners

  • Find a coach for your skill level, whether you are a running beginner or a complete expert, via an easy online search (check out this awesome article on whether you should hire an online running coach)
  • Check out running coach reviews from other runners before selecting the right coach for you
  • Join a community of real people who love running. Whether you are a beginner or looking to set a new personal record, our coaches want to help you!
  • Learn more about running via monthly talks with experts, informational newsletters, and active Facebook groups with coaches and athletes
  • Access discounts to Team RunRun partners for gear, fueling, and races 
  • Pay on an easy subscription model that you can pause or cancel at any time (and that in many cases ends up costing less than a gym membership) 

Ready to get started? Find your coach!

For Coaches

  • Coach from anywhere in the world, on your own schedule
  • Use your own coaching philosophy and set your own prices
  • Build your athlete roster without worrying about intake paperwork or office admin
  • Get paid regularly without setting up a payment system or issuing any invoices
  • Get covered under our liability insurance
  • Join a community of running coaches to share best practices, improve your coaching skills, and get rewarded for excelling at your own online running coach business

Ready to get started? Email us! [email protected]