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50% off your first month! I use a science based approach to develop a long term plan to achieve your goals, whilst listening to your individual needs.



Devon trail and ultra running coach David Searle specialises in mountain and trail running – the steeper the trail, the more rugged the terrain, or the longer the distance, David can help you train with a science based approach combined with your individual needs.

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LEVELS: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
TYPES: Road, Trail
DISTANCES: 5k/10k/Half Marathon, Marathon, Ultra
TRAINING PLATFORM: Training Peaks Premium
TRAINING PLAN: Individual, customized training plan
COMMUNICATION: Unlimited email, unlimited text, unlimited phone
RESPONSE TIME: Within 24 hours
LOCATION: Harberton, UK
IN-PERSON SESSIONS: No, online coaching only


I specialise in mountain and trail running from vertical kilometres to ultra marathons


I use a science based approach that utilises the current peer reviewed literature to develop a long term plan to achieve your goals, whilst listening to your individual needs. I aim to use the scientific literature and established philosophies to build a framework of my own to aid all runners.


I have coached myself for over 5 years and had athletes for 3 years. Together we have achieved victory in races as wide ranging as 5k hill events to ultra distances. I have worked with people from all walks of life and abilities and I feel as confident in getting someone to finish their first event as I am in training someone who is aiming for a podium place.


I love the outdoors, and moving through landscapes confidently is something that all humans should be able to do, it is so good for the body and mind. I know the Devon ultra and trail running scene well, and away from physical pursuits, I enjoy reading (not always about running), music and building.


If I had to name any particular coaching influences then it would be Jason Koop, Uphill Athlete and current scientific literature.


In terms of my personal racing experience I began, like many others, going for a short flat 2 mile run after work, and was immediately smitten with the running bug. I went home and signed up to run the Torbay road half marathon, which I found extremely rewarding, however it was evident that my love of trails, mountains and rugged exploration was where my passion lied. From this point on I dedicated myself to technical terrain and longer endurance races, and with that came with an incredible community which supplies limitless challenges, experience and support. Personally I found success in various races ranging from 10k to 120km, below are just a few of my achievements to date.

Selected race results

  • Black RAT 50km – 2nd
  • Ultra Trail Snowdonia 55km – 15th
  • Wild Night Run 2023 – 1st
  • Endurance life coastal marathon 1st
  • Something wild 10k 1st
  • Snowdon Skyline 3rd
  • Lavaredo ultra trail 120k 69th (2nd Brit)
  • Tenacious ten hour challenge 1st
  • Race the Light 1st
  • Kernow vertical kilometre 2nd
  • Dartmoor crossing 1st
  • Dartmoor crossing extreme 1st
  • Brecon Beacons ultra marathon 3rd
  • Haytor Heller 4th
  • Deep river half marathon 2nd
  • Salcombe coastal marathon 1st
  • Brecon Beacons fell race 3rd
  • Wild night run 1st
  • Wild night run (altered route) 2nd
  • Burrator horseshoe 4th
  • Burrator noir 1st


  • UESCA running coach
  • Training peaks accredited


As someone who focuses on mountain and trail races PR’s aren’t as meaningful because the courses are never directly comparable but I have done:

  • 50k 4:24 across Dartmoor
  • 120k 17hrs Around the Dolomites for Lavaredo ultra trail


Finding a coach who is a great fit for you is really important. We encourage you to email your coach prior to signing up so you can connect, communicate, and ensure a good athlete/coach fit.

Give us a brief history of your running, and this can include what distances and/or races you’ve run, how long you’ve been running, any past or present injuries, if you’ve worked with a coach or a specific training program before, etc.
Any short term or long term goals?
Describe your ideal coach/athlete relationship.
Any questions/comments for Team RunRun or the Coach in general?



6 reviews for David Searle – Devon, UK Running Coach

  1. 5 out of 5


    Working with David has been beneficial, productive, and fun. He explains why certain aspects of training are important and how they build on each other. He keeps workout sessions varied and fun. I am also grateful that he takes into account (i) my feedback about what types of sessions I like; and (ii) my personal scheduling constraints and preferences. I’m always excited what he has in store for me each week when my schedule drops; I’m looking forward to working with him and getting stronger!

  2. 5 out of 5

    David Hadamik

    I have been enjoying working with David very much. He helped me to reach consistency and quality in my training again while having a demanding job and various family obligations. Communication via Whatsapp as well as Trainingspeaks is easy and fun. I can easily understand the purpose of my training sessions and my fitness is progressing nicely. I am excited to see what we can achieve in the next year.

  3. 5 out of 5


    I’ve been enjoying the sessions and having the accountability of following the weekly plans has been a benefit. David is quick to respond to questions and builds the weekly plans around my availability. I’m looking forward to working through this training block and increasing my trail running skills and fitness.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Kevin Rickard

    David has been great since I have been with him. Fitness is progressing nicely and he’s teaching me about the importance of consistency and patience. There is great variety in the training and some new sessions I have never done before. All the workouts appear straight onto my watch and are easy to follow. Some big goals ahead this year and I’m confident of getting there with him!

  5. 5 out of 5

    Charly Hicks

    I’ve always enjoyed running as a recreational sport and never ever considered competing in a race until I met Dave. He opened up a whole world of trail running, bog moor leaping and routes off the beaten path which encouraged me to want to get into the trail race scene.

    His guidance and infectious determination helped me win races and see some of the most beautiful places in Europe. He has built my training plan around my specific races and helps me to understand the training that suits my strengths and weaknesses (hill reps ????)

    If he wasn’t a patient and knowledgeable coach I would have fired him a long time ago

  6. 5 out of 5

    melissa searle

    Not being a natural runner I was slightly nervous to begin!! However, David has been amazing, we have worked together to create a plan that pushes me in a way I am comfortable but still so I am progressing every time. I feel I improve with every run and am excited to see where we can go! Can’t recommend him enough!

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