Mt. Hood 50 Mile Race Info

Summary: Starting at the Clackamas Lake Ranger Station, runners do two out and backs, first heading North 14.2 miles to the Frog Lake Aid Station, then turning around, passing through the Clackamas Ranger Station at mile 28.4, and heading South for another out and back. The course is almost entirely on the Pacific Crest Trail, and is heavily shaded with soft, good footing, with some technical sections of rocks and roots. Other distances run are a 50k (on Sunday, so runners can run the 50/50) and a 25k.

Lessons Learned from Race Reports

  • Cupless race, so be sure to have your own bottles and/or bladder
  • Nearest hotels are in Government Camp, OR, which is 21 miles from the start/finish. Lots of camping options nearby (search for Timothy Lake)
  • While the race is described as not very technical, expect it all to be technical, then be pleasantly surprised when you get smoother sections of trail
  • With the course being out and backs, be prepared to be passing people on the single track sections. With it at least being a small field, it’s not too troublesome
  • If you’re camping, be prepared for mosquitos!
  • Even with how shaded the trails are, it’s still going to warm up if the sun is out, so make use of the ice at the aid stations
  • With shade and warmer temps, it’s easy to get overheated without noticing, and then your stomach goes sour, so be aware of keeping cool in order to keep fueling
  • 2nd half is inevitably harder because, well, you’ve already run 28 miles, but also because there are 3 sizeable climbs and descents left. If you’ve run too hard too early, the second half will be that much more difficult
  • Be mentally prepared to go through the mile 28 aid station efficiently, as it’s the start/finish, and you don’t want to be tempted to drop out
  • Lots of scenery to look at throughout, just be sure to keep one eye on the trail so you don’t fall while you’re checking out Mt. Hood 🙂


Total gain/loss: 5,630/5,630

Ft/mile gain: 113

Total climbs: 2x1000ft, 1×600, 1×500, 2×400, countless rollers smaller climbs

Longest climb: 1000 ft from ~23-32

Steepest climb: 400 ft from ~10.8-11.6

Course Map/Elevation profile

Aid stations

Total aid stations: 9

Furthest distance apart: 6 miles

Locations: Miles 6, 9.2, 14.2, 19.2, 22.4, 28.4 (the start/finish), 33.7, 39.2, and 44.7

What’s available: Standard ultra fare, including but not limited to GU gels, GU electrolyte drink, chips, PB&Js, pickles, gummy bears and other salty and sweet snacks.

Crew access

Access Locations: Miles 0, 9.2, 19.2, 28.4 (the start/finish), and 50 (finish). Miles 9.2 and 19.2 are the same aid station, as runners hit 9.2 on the way out and 19.2 on the way back, then go through the start/finish at mile 28.4 before beginning another out and back, which is not accessible by crew.

Crew instructions/directions



Race qualifiers

50m: 3 UTMB points

Race reports

Delaney’s 2018 Race Report (lots of good photos)

Strava activities and GPX files

Race Website