Indianapolis Monumental Marathon Race Info

Date: 11/9/2019 Location: Indianapolis, IN Start Time: 8:00am Avg Temps (f): 56/38 Time Limit: 6.5 hours Lessons Learned from Race Reports Not much shade on the course, especially the latter miles, so have a hat/sunglasses and sunscreen Beginning miles share the HM course as well, so don’t get caught up in the faster pace of … Read more

Two Cities Marathon Race Info

Date: 11/3/2019 Location: Clovis, CA Start Time: 6:30am Avg Temps (f): 71/47 Time Limit: 6.5 hours Lessons Learned from Race Reports Well-run, organized race and course – lots of positive reviews about the swag, the course organization and markings Scenery and crowd support is a little sparse at times Not a completely flat course, some … Read more

Marine Corp Marathon and 50k Race Info

Summary: The Marine Corp Marathon and 50k are run in the Fall each year in Arlington, VA, usually bringing large crowds and fairly unpredictable weather, but the energy of the races and the finish line are unforgettable. Lessons Learned from Race Reports Expect crowds throughout the race weekend – from packet pickup, to transportation, to … Read more

Pocatello Marathon Race Info

Date: 8/31/2019 Location: Pocatello, ID Start Time: 6:15am Avg Temps (f): 83/47 Time Limit: 6.5 hours Lessons Learned from Race Reports Runners must ride the bus to the start – no personal vehicles at the start. Be sure you know the shuttle information. Small out and back around mile 7-8; otherwise, minimal turns along the … Read more

Javelina Jangover Night Runs Race Info

  Date 9/28/19 Location Fountain Hills, AZ Avg Temps f. 93/70 Gain/Loss in ft 800ft per 25k ft/mile gain 51.6 Highest Elev. ~2500ft Start 7:00PM – 75K 7:15PM – 50K Surface Trail Time Limit 7:00am general cutoff Sunrise/set 6:15pm/6:20am Furthest Aid ~8.5miles   Summary: Another popular Aaravaipa race in McDowell Mountain Regional Park, offering several … Read more

Air Force Half Marathon Race Info

Date: 9/21/2019 Location: Dayton, OH Start Time: 7:30am Avg Temps (f): 74/53 Time Limit: 6 hours Lessons Learned from Race Reports Past years have seen warm temps and the start time of the half has been moved up by an hour, so hopefully that helps. Otherwise, September in Ohio is fairly unpredictable First couple miles … Read more

St. Luke’s Via Marathon Race Info

Date: 9/8/19 Location: Allentown to Easton, PA Start Time: 7:10am Avg Temps (f): 77/52 Time Limit: 6 hours (1pm) Lessons Learned from Race Reports New course for 2019 because of train disrupting course in previous years Two hairpin turns around miles 3.5 and 12.75, where you’ll have to slow down to make the turn. It … Read more

River Run Half Marathon Race Info

Date: 9/8/2019 Location: Berea, OH Start Time: 8:00am Avg Temps (f): 77/59 Time Limit: 3 hours Lessons Learned from Race Reports There are 2 hairpin turns early on in the race – just before mile 2 and around 2.5 – be ready to change gears to slow down for the turns and possibly have quite … Read more

Reykjavik Marathon Race Info

Date: 8/24/2019 Location: Reykjavik, Iceland Start Time: 8:40am Avg Temps (f): 55/46 Time Limit: 7.5 hours Lessons Learned from Race Reports In spite of the rolling elevation profile, lots of runners report a fairly flat, fast course Not many spectators in the second half of the race, and since it’s not a huge field of … Read more

Vertigo Night Run Race Info

Summary (from the race website): All races are held on the 6.5 mile (10.4 kilometer) Sonoran Competitive track loop. The 31K runners will complete 3 loops, while the 52K ultra division will complete 5 loops, passing through the start/finish line after each lap! The Sonoran Loop offers a variety of obstacles to test runners skills. … Read more

Running with the Bears Marathon Race Info

Date: 8/17/2019 Location: Greenville, CA Start Time: 6:30am Avg Temps (f): 88/46 Time Limit: None, but cannot provide course support after 1:30pm Lessons Learned from Race Reports Huge temperature swing from the early morning to afternoon temps. Race offers to keep your warm clothes at the start Course is deemed flat on the website but … Read more

Never Summer 100k Race Reports and Info

Summary: Never Summer 100k is a challenging loop course, mountain race with extended periods of high alpine ridge running, two alpine peaks, and five alpine lakes, with much of its challenging terrain between 10,000-12,000 feet. Runners will run on a variety of terrain, from cross country, to jeep and logging roads, to alpine trail, and … Read more

White River 50 Mile Race Info

Date 7/27/19 Location Crystal Mountain, WA Avg Temps f. 77/53 Gain/Loss in ft 8700/8700 ft/mile gain 174 Highest Elev. 5600ft Start 6am Surface Trail Time Limit 14 hours Sunrise/set 5:39am/8:46pm Furthest Aid 7.8 miles   Summary: In its 26th year, this is a classic Pacific Northwest ultra that attracts lots of talent, both local and … Read more

Kerrville Craft Beer Run 5k Race Info

Date: 6/8/2019 Location: Kerrville, TX Start Time: 8:00am Avg Temps (f): 89/67 Lessons Learned from Race Reports Pictures and reviews of the Kerrville River Trail located here: Only the second year of this race, but lots of positive reviews of the river trail itself, which is the entire 5k course While the race starts … Read more

Seattle Rock N Roll Marathon and HM Race Reports and Info

Date: 6/9/19 Location: Seattle Center Start Time: 6:30am (both) Avg Temps (f): 69/53 Time Limit: 6.5 hours (full), 4 hours (half) Lessons Learned from Race Reports This course has changed each year in the previous few years, so it’s a hard to look at previous race results and race reports, but typically the courses have … Read more

Mt. Hood 50 Mile Race Info

Summary: Starting at the Clackamas Lake Ranger Station, runners do two out and backs, first heading North 14.2 miles to the Frog Lake Aid Station, then turning around, passing through the Clackamas Ranger Station at mile 28.4, and heading South for another out and back. The course is almost entirely on the Pacific Crest Trail, … Read more

Worlds End Ultramarathon Race Info – 50k

Date 6/1/2019 Location Worlds End State Park, PA Avg Temps f. 76/54 Gain/Loss in ft 5,915/5,915 ft/mile gain 191 Highest Elev. ~2,000ft Start 7am Surface Singletrack/double track Time Limit 12 hours Sunrise/set 5:34am/8:34pm Furthest Aid 6 miles   Summary: The Worlds End 50k is a rugged trail race featuring a 31.4 mile single loop trail … Read more

Armed Forces Half Marathon Race Info

Date: 5/25/2019 Location: Todos Santos Plaza, Concord, CA Start Time: 6:30am Avg Temps (f): 78/53 Time Limit: 4 hours Lessons Learned from Race Reports While it’s a relatively flat course, you’ll feel the hills mainly around the start of mile 3 and again around 10.5, and a bigger hill at the start of mile 7 … Read more

Yakima Skyline 25k Race Info

On the eastern side of the Cascade mountains, the Yakima Skyline 25k out and back course is usually a warm reprieve from chilly, rainy weather in Seattle, Bellingham and Portland, with amazing views and warm temps. But, you’ll work for it with nearly 5,000 feet of gain over the course of two main climbs and … Read more