Paris Marathon Race Info

Date: 4/14/19

Location: Paris, France

Start Time: 8:09am (1st Corral)

Avg Temps (f): 58/42

Time Limit: 5 hours, 40 minutes

Lessons Learned from Race Reports

  • With such a big race, ~55,000, expect long lines nearly everywhere and leave extra time for things like the expo, getting to the start, and using the bathroom beforehand, and throughout the race
  • Some tunnels throughout the course, which some runners liked for a break from the sun and others disliked, saying there wasn’t enough fresh air
  • Cobblestone streets at times, so this is a bit harder to run on in terms of footing and the feeling of running on a really hard surface
  • Chance of temps to be hot, especially compared to winter training – take that into account for your gear choices and hydration along the way
  • No gels at the aid stations, so bring your own if that’s what you train with
  • Different start corrals based on estimated finish time, so you could be starting quite a bit later than the first corral, based on your estimated finish, which means even warmer temps if it’s a warm day
  • Aid is likely only on one side of the course, so be ready for it and watch for other runners cutting from one side to the other.
  • With aid only every 5k, you’ll likely need each aid station, especially if it’s warm, so don’t miss it!
  • The ground around aid stations will become slick with the mixture of water and fruit peels on cobblestone roads
  • There are two big parks that you run through, before the halfway point and before the end – expect these to be a little quieter in terms of spectators
  • Best to go to the race expo on Thursday if you can, to avoid the crowds
  • With the race being so crowded, don’t be surprised at some physical contact with other runners along the way, as some sections are also narrow and squeezed in by spectators


Type: Loop course with no repeating of sections

Start/Finish Info: Different locations

Hills: Not an entirely flat course, with ~500 feet of gain. Several sharp and/or gradual hills of about 75-100 feet in gain

Course Map/Elevation Profile


Aid stations

Locations of water and electrolyte stations: About every 5km there will be a mix of water, dried fruit, fresh fruit and electrolyte drink

Electrolyte offered: Stimium

Spectator access

Access Locations: See Course Map. If you stay near the start, you can see runners again around mile 17 without much movement. Miles 1-17 are more of an “out and back” type of loop where you could see them twice within walking distance. Using the metro to get around is likely the best idea because of road closures.

Boston qualifier?


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