Portland Marathon Race Info

Lessons Learned from Race Reports

  • Finishers receive a swag bag rather than at the race expo
  • With no gels on the course, bring your own food if gummy bears and pretzels aren’t appealing
  • Wind and rain is always a possibility in Portland, so be prepared for any weather
  • Once you’re out of downtown, you’re running along a flat, industrial, non-scenic part of the city, which you’ll hit again coming back after the St. John’s Bridge
  • Course is mainly flat, but the hills are still challenging, especially since the 2017 course goes up and over the St. John’s Bridge.
  • Going over the St. John’s Bridge is harder on the way out, as the course stays elevated after the bridge, so on the way back there isn’t a hill to go up and over the bridge.


Type: Out and Back starting/finishing along the downtown waterfront (new course for 2017)


Full: ~50 ft from miles 3.5-5, ~125 ft from 8.5-13 (with the 100’ of gain from 8.5-10, the St. John’s Bridge), ~50 feet from 21.5-22

Half: ~50 ft from 5.5-6.5 and ~50 ft. from 9.5-10


Marathon Map

Half Marathon Map

Aid stations

Locations of water stations: 19 aid stations about every 2 miles with water and Ultima Replenisher

Locations of electrolyte stations: Ultima Replenisher drink at every aid station

Electrolyte offered: Gummy Bears and Pretzels (No gels), locations TBD

Spectator access

Access Locations: See Spectator Guide

Boston qualifier?


Race reports

Pritam’s 2017 Race Report



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