Reykjavik Marathon Race Info

Date: 8/24/2019

Location: Reykjavik, Iceland

Start Time: 8:40am

Avg Temps (f): 55/46

Time Limit: 7.5 hours

Lessons Learned from Race Reports

  • In spite of the rolling elevation profile, lots of runners report a fairly flat, fast course
  • Not many spectators in the second half of the race, and since it’s not a huge field of runners, be ready for some alone miles
  • Weather likely to be cool but nearly perfect marathon weather given it’s not that hot in August in Iceland
  • Carry your own water/fuel if you need it more than every 5k
  • Helpful photo guide to see the roads and paths on the course – most look smooth and it looks exposed, so bring a hat or sunglasses if it’s sunny:
  • Lots of runners made an event out of the race in the sense of taking a vacation in Iceland, going for the cultural fest, and checking out the city and the country, so all very positive reviews of the race given it was part of a bigger experience.
  • Several races going on at the same time, so be careful not to get caught up in the pace of faster distances like 10k and half marathoners
  • Err on the side of being trained for hills rather than being trained for flat – most race reports talked about a flat, fast course, but a couple of race reports struggled on hills past the 15k mark.


Type: Loop course starting and finishing in Laekjargata located in the center of Reykjavik

Hills: Rolling hills throughout with elevation gain anywhere from ~20-130ft, mainly starting around 15k in and throughout the rest of the race. Website says course is 60% flat, 40% rolling, mainly running on city streets and on bike paths

Course Map/Elevation (Remember elevation profile is in Meters, not Feet)


Aid stations

Locations of water/electrolyte stations: Every 5km with bananas in the second half of the race

Electrolyte offered: Powerade

Runners can leave a refreshment at the Expo and it will be brought to the 21 km and/or the 31 km station. Be sure to mark your refreshments very well.

Spectator access

Access Locations: Mainly at start/finish, but spectators can drive around to accessible spots based on the course map.

Boston qualifier?


Race reports

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Race Website