Missouri City, TX (outside of Houston)

Avg Temps f.


Gain/Loss in ft


Highest Elev.





Crushed granite, pavement

Time Limit

55 hours



Furthest Aid

.7 miles


Summary: A 2+ day timed event on a .69045 mile loop course, with a mixture of crushed granite and pavement, and mainly flat, this is the second year on this course. It’s run in in Buffalo Run Park in Missouri City, TX, which is in the SW part of Houston. The race starts on a Sunday and runs through 1/1/2019, also has a relay option for teams up to 10 runners. While there is a wide range of abilities and speeds, the overall purpose of the race is to raise money for pediatric cancer and that is highlighted throughout the race and course.

Lessons Learned from Race Reports

  • Be familiar with the rules
  • Weather in the past has tended to start in the 50’s and have a chance for mist or sprinkling rain at some point during the event. This time of the year in Texas is fairly volatile, so plan accordingly!
  • Have a plan for where you might rest during the event – some went to a hotel, some used their own tents or tents the race had available
  • Lots of positive reviews about the aid stations, the volunteers, and the race organization
  • Bring warm clothes for the cool nights, especially if you’re walking
  • Know how to take care of blisters and other foot care – lots of mentions of hot spots, blisters, blister care in the med tent, etc.
  • Bring changes of shoes, especially ones with toe box room to account for swelling, and changes of clothing for day and night
  • Take the time to rest if needed. Lots of runners take rest breaks, thinking they are done, then they have a few hours rest and are ready to get going again, running better than pre-rest
  • Some runners have designated times they’ll rest, like the heat of the day, or 3-4 hours at night
  • For runners doing any event over 24 hours, most rested at some point and ate solid foods, and some had a plan on when they rested, others rested on a whim. Lots of runners pointed out afterwards that they wished they had planned their rest rather than waiting until they were too broken to continue.
  • While road shoes work, consider having trail shoes on hand in case your feet feel like they’re getting beat up


Total gain/loss: Minimal to none. Super flat course with minimal elevation gain.

Course Map

Aid stations

Nothing specific noted on the race website, but race reports noted typical aid station fare, both hot and cold, salty and sweet, and water and electrolyte drinks all offered at the start/finish location. As with most races, if you have special dietary needs, bring your own stuff.

Crew access

At start/finish, being a loop course. Crews can set up in the infield and tents are allowed. More crew details here.


None, runners will be DQd if they use one

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