Vertigo Night Run Race Info

Summary (from the race website): All races are held on the 6.5 mile (10.4 kilometer) Sonoran Competitive track loop. The 31K runners will complete 3 loops, while the 52K ultra division will complete 5 loops, passing through the start/finish line after each lap! The Sonoran Loop offers a variety of obstacles to test runners skills. The track consists of steep inclines, swooping turns, technical descents, and rugged terrain.

Lessons Learned from Race Reports

  • Cupless event – bring your own bottles
  • Have cash for the parking fee in the park
  • Though it’s not a lot of ft/mile gain, the course looks like it’s never flat, with one really steep ascent of ~175 feet on each loop
  • Expect hot temps even after the sun has set, likely in the 80’s
  • With it being a loop course, have a strong mental game because it’s so easy to quit since you pass the start/finish so often
  • Course is a big mix of runnable, faster sections, short and steep ascents and descents, sandy washes, and technical sections. Be ready to adapt and try to avoid being frustrated if you can’t find a good “flow”


Total gain/loss: 1197/1197

Ft/mile gain: 62

Course Map/Elevation profile

Aid stations

One remote aid station on each loop (~4.15 miles into course) in addition to the start/finish line (every 6.5 miles). The Far Side Aid & main aid stations will be stocked with water, ice, electrolyte drinks (Gnarly & Gatorade), salty and sweet snacks, fruit, pb&j, bean rollups, hot food (quesadillas, grilled cheese), and more.

Crew access

Allowed at start/finish of each loop (every 6.5 miles)


None for 31k race

Race reports

Strava activities and GPX files

Race Website