Worlds End Ultramarathon Race Info – 50k




Worlds End State Park, PA

Avg Temps f.


Gain/Loss in ft


ft/mile gain


Highest Elev.





Singletrack/double track

Time Limit

12 hours



Furthest Aid

6 miles


Summary: The Worlds End 50k is a rugged trail race featuring a 31.4 mile single loop trail on 98% single-track/double-track. With an elevation gain of 5,915 ft, it may not seem intimidating, but it has relentless climbing and descending with lots of technical trail to maneuver. Runners will have to run over rock fields, narrow and uneven terrain, steep climbs and a cliff side trail. Both a 50k and 100k distance are offered.

Lessons Learned from Race Reports

  • Relentless ups and downs and technical trails with lots of rocks and stream crossings
  • If it’s raining or wet, the rocks will be extra slippery
  • Likely chilly at the start but it will warm up quickly – take that into consideration for race day clothing and layering, and/or changing with drop bags
  • Being PA in June, weather is likely to be muggy with possible rain/thunderstorms
  • First big climb around mile 3 has lots of boulders to climb along the way
  • While a lot of the course is rolling with technical underfoot, some sections are runnable, so take advantage of them when you can
  • Expect a long day – most finishing times are around the same as a fast 50 miler finish
  • Really easy to drop at mile 19.3, as it’s near the Start/Finish, so if you’re tired and tempted, get out of that aid station and keep moving!
  • Use caution on the steep downhills with either loose rock, slippery rocks, or when they’re on the mountain side with a drop off on one side
  • Mostly runnable final downhill in the last 4 miles, but there’s also a really steep downhill section cut into the mountainside that can be pretty tough if you’re scared of heights or not used to steep downs.
  • Rather than hoping for more runnable sections, expect almost none so that it’s a pleasant surprise when you can run!
  • Pay attention to course markers – with such technical trails and so many power hiking sections, you might be looking down a lot and missing them.


Total gain/loss: 5,915/5,915

Ft/mile gain: 191

Total climbs: ~9 climbs of 400-800 feet, countless other rollers and smaller gains

Course Map/Elevation profile

Aid stations

Total aid stations: 6

Furthest distance apart: 6 miles

Locations: Miles 4.3, 10.3, 15.9, 19.3, 22.2, 27.7

What’s available: Typical aid station fare; bring your own food if you have special needs/allergies

Crew access

Access Locations: Miles 10.3, 19.3, 22.2

Crew instructions/directions: Found in Participant Guide


None (for 50k)

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