Capt’n Karl’s Night Trail 60k Race Info



Avg Temps f.


Gain/Loss in ft


Furthest Aid

4.6 miles

Highest Elev.






Time Limit

12 hours



Longest Climb

300ft/5.8 miles

Summary: The Capt’n Karl’s Trail Series takes place on the hilly, steep & rocky trails of Pedernales Falls State Park along the Pedernales River, which is 9 miles east of Johnson City & 43 miles west of Austin, Texas. The terrain is run along lots of challenging, technical single track along wooded trails & (seasonal) creek crossings. It is a 2 loop 30k course that starts and finishes at the same location.

Race Details

Lessons Learned from Race Reports

  • Cupless race, at least for cold drinks
  • 1.5 miles into the race you’ll cross over a field of boulders running along the Pedernales River, followed by about 5-6 miles in a straight, gradually inclined line next to a wired fence that seemingly never ends.
  • Have a good headlamp!
  • The course is runnable for the most part, around two-thirds of the trail is mainly dirt and light rocks. The other third of the trail can be very technical (rocky) with slippery rocks, interspersed throughout the course.
  • Big difference between the first loop and second loop not only because of daylight for most of the first loop, but also because 2nd loop is quite isolated with runners being spread out.
  • The course was marked well for the most part, but there were some long stretches where you couldn’t spot a marker for what seemed like forever; keep your head about you as best you can in the dark and in the latter miles of the race in order to pay attention to where you are and not freak out if you don’t see a marker.


Total gain/loss: 2600/2600

Total climbs: 4×300 feet, but with lots of rollers within those climbs and in between the climbs. None of this race looks flat.

Longest climb: From miles 1.5-7.3, gain 300 feet with lots of false summits along the way, from miles 10.9-12.4, gain 300 feet with false summits. Since it’s a loop course, you’ll hit these same climbs at miles 19.7-25.6 and 29-30.6. Otherwise, lots of hills from 50-100 feet of gain.

Steepest climb: Countless climbs of ~100 feet in .2-.5 miles throughout

Link to Elevation profile:

Link to course map:

Aid stations

Total aid stations: 9

Furthest distance apart: 4.6 miles (twice)

Locations: Miles 4.5, 8.75, 11.75, 16.35, 18.6, 23.1, 27.35, 30.35, and 34.95

Aid Station Chart:

What’s available: Fruit, salty items, sugary items, sweet items, water, ice, basic med kits, and supplemental nutrition items sponsoring the race like VFuel and Tailwind. Some examples of typical options are saltines crackers, pretzels, Pringles, chips, cookies, trail mix, M&Ms, P.B.&J sandwiches, oranges, bananas, tortillas, gummy bears, peppermint candy, etc.  

Crew access

Locations: At the start/finish, miles 4.5, 16.35, 18.6 (which is the start/finish), 23.1, and 34.95

Crew instructions/directions: Interactive Park Map



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