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I draw on my background as a runner, triathlete, physician assistant, along with my lifelong interest and bachelors degree in exercise science for individual focused programs.



Moses Lake running coach Jodi O’Shea targets personalized strength and injury prevention as well as returning to training from injury, nutrition from every day to race day planning, mental training and general support of each athlete in daily living and training.

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LEVELS: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
TYPES: Road, Track, Trail
DISTANCES: 5k/10k/Half Marathon, Marathon, Ultra
TRAINING PLAN: Individual, customized training plan
COMMUNICATION: Unlimited email, unlimited text, unlimited phone
RESPONSE TIME: Within 24 hours
LOCATION: Moses Lake, WA
IN-PERSON SESSIONS: No, online coaching only


I have worked with beginner through advanced runners. 5 K, 10 K, ½ marathon and marathon, triathlon are my specialties. I also draw on many of my own personal experiences as a masters runner who has gone through life transitions and as a busy working professional and mother with time constraints. I know the importance of focused, quality training.

I target personalizing strength and injury prevention as well as return to training from injury or extended time off, nutrition from every day to race day planning, mental training and general support of each athlete in daily living and training. Running and training should enhance your life, give it more purpose and act a stress relief. I am a big believer in the power of training and goal setting.

Having been through many stages of life, I am grateful to have experienced training and racing on many levels. I have come back from extended time off running after having 5 children to running at a peak level, to now finding enjoyment and trying not to slow down too much more! I have had injuries, over training, burnout, medical challenges. Running has brought so much richness and direction into my life but also frustration and at times disappointments. I have done many things the “hard way” and would love to share what I have learned in overcoming those challenges so others don’t have to run ( no pun intended!) down that road. Meeting and talking to other athletes always amazes me about the varied life experiences and events that bring people to running. I consider myself a running “nerd” and I am always learning, reading, taking courses and trying to improve my knowledge and techniques to help others in their endeavors. It is not just the finishing that goal race that matters but the journey along the way. I love the process!


Be fearless with your goals and dreams. Be 1 % better today than yesterday. I believe that with small consistent steps we can overcome obstacles and reach personal bests in racing and in life. My focus is on quality training that fits into life. I don’t just coach runners/athletes, I coach people with a holistic focus on the individual and the journey training takes us on to become our best selves. Sometimes the hardest part of the process is just taking the first step. I love to help guide others one step at a time.


Individualized Personal run coaching 5 years- started w/ friends asking me to help and has evolved into my love of sharing knowledge and pursuit of coaching education.

  • Cross Country Assistant Coach, Moses Lake High School -3 years
  • Physician Assistant- 21 years. I see this as a “personal health coach” since my emphasis is on health and wellness, nutrition and sports medicine/ injury prevention.
  • Strength Training /Conditioning classes – Anytime Fitness – 2 years
  • Mom of 5 children- 4 teens still in the home (this should count as coaching!)


A pivotal point in my running career and life was the passing of my mother from cancer in 2010. This not only rocked my world but the grief I encountered became an overwhelming dark blanket Running became my way back to hope and light. At that time, I was just returning to running and fitness and had just run a “bucket list” marathon. My time was 1 hour slower than a Boston marathon qualifying time which wasn’t even on my radar until during my mother’s illness. After she passed, as a way to motivate me to train and at least move forward toward something, I made the scary goal of trying to qualify to run it since it seemed almost impossible. I worked hard, had ups and downs and have since qualified 4 x and run Boston 2x. My first Boston marathon was 2013 and I was on Boylston street during the bombing. Surviving that experience has shaped me as a person to learn to live in the moment and enjoy every moment. I know we can endure through hard things and still come out better for it on the other side.


  • Hal Higdon
  • Joe Vigil
  • Matt Fitzgerald
  • Jeff Galloway
  • Matt Dixon
  • Lionel Sanders
  • My mom who taught me to always “run strong”.
  • Awesome coaches that I have had through my racing career.


I was a high school cross country runner turned college rodeo athlete. My dream was to become a
professional barrel racer when life changes and an injured horse rerouted by goals. I channeled my love of racing into running again later in life following the need to find something for myself after starting a professional career and having 5 children. The birth of my twins and health issues I experienced with pregnancy and delivery where instrumental in my search to find something to improve my overall physical and mental health, and of course something that I could call a “hobby”. I have a way of going all in on things I do and running/ triathlon and coaching have become my passion projects. I have done races in Ireland, France, New Zealand, Australia and fulfilled half of my goal to run all of the world marathon majors. So far I have completed 3 of them (Boston, New York, Chicago). My body has let me know it no longer appreciates the marathon distance so we will see what the future will bring. Until then I am here for the journey and finding joy in helping others in the everyday process.


  • USATF Level 1 Certification
  • USATF Cross Country Specialist
  • Mental Performance Mastery Certification
  • National Federation High School Athletics (NFHS) Level 2 Interscholastic Coach
  • NCCPA Physician Assistant Certified- 2001- current
  • B.S Exercise Science – University of Wyoming- 1996
  • B.S Medical Science- University of Washington- 2001
  • BLS/ ACLS/ First Aid Certifications
  • Associated Coach with F2C Nutrition


  • 5K – 21:30
  • 10K – 45:11
  • Half marathon – 1:38
  • Marathon – 3:38
  • 18 x Ironman 70.3 Finisher
  • 10 x marathon finishes including Boston, Chicago, Paris, New York.
  • 30 + ½ marathons (currently my favorite distance)
  • Too many to count 5 K, 10 K , 12 K , 15 K and a few trail races


  • 2x qualifier in the national championships and world championships in the triathlon
  • American USAT and All World Athlete for Ironman 70.3


Finding a coach who is a great fit for you is really important. We encourage you to email your coach prior to signing up so you can connect, communicate, and ensure a good athlete/coach fit.

Give us a brief history of your running, and this can include what distances and/or races you’ve run, how long you’ve been running, any past or present injuries, if you’ve worked with a coach or a specific training program before, etc.
Any short term or long term goals?
Describe your ideal coach/athlete relationship.
Any questions/comments for Team RunRun or the Coach in general?


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11 reviews for Jodi O’Shea – Moses Lake Running Coach

  1. 5 out of 5

    Dorothy Stegeman

    Jodi is a joy to work with. She has been very supportive, quick to suggest adaptations, and understands the need for modifications as she plans workouts to aid my recovery following a total knee replacement last winter. Thanks to Jodi, I am now able to jog at the speed of my toddler grandchildren and I’m looking forward to keeping up with them as they grow faster.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Audra McPartland

    If you haven’t found a coach who dreams bigger than you, then Jodi is the perfect coach! I wasn’t an athlete in HS or college but Jodi saw running potential in me that I never knew existed. I’m a mom of four kids, wife to a vice principal assistant, and full time working elementary PE teacher who started running as a hobby in 2012 to keep my mom sanity. Since training with Jodi over the past nine months, I’ve set a personal record in the 10k, Half Marathon, and Marathon as well as qualified for Boston and New York. I also recently set a 10k course record in a time of 36:10 and am excited to work toward setting more goals with Coach Jodi. I feel like I hit the jackpot with her as she is also a successful physician assistant in the medical field, an experienced athlete, XC and Track Coach, mother of five kids, and wife to a physical therapist. She’s extremely knowledgeable, open minded, well educated, encouraging, and has great communication skills. She’s constantly checking in to see how my body is handling and recovering from the workouts. I look forward to seeing what she prescribes each week on Final Surge and love using the app to keep track of our progress.

    I highly recommend Jodi as a coach!

  3. 5 out of 5

    Jessica Songster

    I’ve been working with Jodi for three months and I cannot imagine running without her guidance now. I have learned so much and I’m stronger (at 48) than I have been in YEARS. She helps me work around my crazy schedule as an attorney, mom, wife, etc. And is always available to answer questions, give advice and cheer me on. It has been such a game changer and has really helped me to enjoy running again.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Deanna de Castro

    I started training with Jodi back in March 2023. I had run some half marathons and completed the SF marathon. I completed most of these races for fun without any sort of goal but wanted to focus on getting faster.
    I reached out to Jodi because of her background in triathlons. Running is my main sport but I like to dabble in a little bit of everything. Jodi has been awesome about tailoring my running training around cross training like spin class and dance class!
    And to speak of her running coaching… I have PRed MULTIPLE races this year, including the SF Marathon, with Jodi’s coaching. She’s awesome. Looking forward to more running races and triathlons in 2024 with Jodi!

  5. 5 out of 5

    Sheila O.

    Jodi and I started working together in December 2022 after meeting at a yoga retreat. I had been wanting to get back into running after several years away from it. I had experienced injuries and wasn’t sure if I could ever get back to the level of fitness I was at in my late 40s/early 50s. But Jodi’s background in medicine, exercise science, and nutrition as well as her own experiences as an athlete were the perfect combo for helping me get back into running. I set an ambitious goal to run a 1/2 marathon in early March, and despite disruptions from COVID, the holidays, and work, Jodi has kept me on track and progressing. I’m going to run that race feeling confident that I can finish AND I know that if I keep working with Jodi my times will improve and I’ll avoid injury. Jodi is incredibly responsive and generous with her guidance and advice, and I never feel judged for juggling workouts or missing some. As a perfectionist and someone who is pretty hard on myself, her kindness goes a long way to helping me be kind to myself. I also love the structure of the Final Surge app and how it connects to my Garmin account. It makes transferring the workouts to my watch super easy and communication with Jodi is seamless. Love the whole experience and am excited to see what we can do together this year.

  6. 5 out of 5

    Heather Durkee

    I love having Jodi as a coach! She is very qualified and knowledgeable, and the training plan reflects that. She sets up very tailored workout plans to where you are at and even works around everything else you have going on in life. She is supportive and encouraging! She brings a fun energy to training and helps you to look forward at the next goal and reach farther. Her workout plans help prevent injuries – if I were doing this on my own without a coach, there’s a good chance I would have reinjured my knee by pushing too much too soon. Her workouts have gradually increased mileage and she also includes strength training and exercises to help prevent those types of injuries. She’s there to answer questions or provide advice anytime – she wants to help you succeed and puts her heart into it. I really couldn’t ask for a better coach!

  7. 5 out of 5

    Weston Beck

    Jodi’s enthusiasm and encouragement has been a breath of fresh air for my training. I came to her when I was struggling to prep for an Olympic distance triathlon with only 3 weeks left until the race. She really helped me believe in myself and helped me take the guess work out of how to train. With that help I was able to focus more on just getting out of bed and doing the work instead of wondering if I was doing it right. She helped me prep for a couple more races after that and really helped me believe that I could improve and push myself to do better. Normally when the season ends I veg out for a while with just some scattered exercise during the winter months, but with her pushing me, I’ve been much more consistent even as the weather has gotten cold. Having Jodi’s help has made a huge difference for me. I now look forward to running, which is a huge thing for me.

  8. 4 out of 5

    Debbie Whiteley

    Jodi is a awesome coach. She is very knowledgeable especially with running. She is helping me get my run back up to speed. As a older runner she is knowledgeable about menopausal athletes which has been a godsend for myself. We are going to progress towards my doing a Olympic Triathlon this year.

  9. 5 out of 5

    Sarah Garza

    I absolutely love working with Jodi! She is definitely an expert at what she does and has so much patience and understanding. I consider myself more of a beginner, so I was intimidated to get started on my running goals because I didn’t know where to start. Jodi helped me establish something small to work toward week by week, and after working with her for the past 2 months I’m hooked! She is big on nutrition, injury prevention, and cross training support to help you become a better runner. I plan to keep up my training with Jodi for my first marathon next year! I highly recommend Jodi as a running coach for any level.

  10. 5 out of 5

    Lindsey Duhamel

    I don’t even know where to begin! Jodi is amazing! I’ve known her for 4 years and have been getting running guidance from her since January 2022, after mentioning to her that I wanted to start running more consistently. She officially became my running coach in July 2022 and has been a great source of support as I have re-kindled my love of running. Jodi is so knowledgeable and her passion for the sport is infectious. I’ve improved so much since starting to work with her. I’ve ran two trail races this year, that I also ran last year and PR-ed by 22 minutes in one and 40 minutes in the other. I never would have crushed those runs without Jodi’s training guidance. I enjoy using the Final Surge app to review my workouts for the week and communicate afterwards with Jodi about how they went. She is always a text away too and always has encouraging words to offer. She has also helped me fine-tune my fueling plan during my longer runs and made other suggestions to help mitigate GI upset on long runs and races and this has helped my performance tremendously. In the past, when I have trained on my own for races, I always end up injured and taking a long hiatus from running, and as a result I lose my fitness. This cycle was so frustrating for me, and is all too common amongst runners. For the past 9 months of running, I have been injury free and know it’s because of her meticulous planning and coaching. Lastly, I am a medical provider and Jodi is too. She has been a great fit for me because she knows how crazy my days and weeks are and understands my time is limited and valuable. She always asks me what my schedule looks like and has been able to adjust my week of workouts when I know I am picking up a shift and/or working extra hours. I’m not sure every coach would be able to understand and truly empathize with my work situation and think this has helped make this such a successful partnership. I would without a doubt recommended Jodi to any of my friends! What are you waiting for?!

  11. 5 out of 5


    I cannot give coach Jodi enough praise and would highly encourage anyone, no matter what level they are, to sign up for her training. I have had many injuries over the years and the cold and dark seasons really take a toll on my ambition and drive. Jodi has stuck with me through thick and thin and never lets me give up on myself. She has encouraged me to set lofty goals that I would never have tried to go after before. She is constantly checking in with me to see how I am holding up and if my plan needs tweaking due to my old injuries or where I am at mentally. She is very flexible, and her feedback amazes me. I am chasing a sub 2hr half marathon and have improved 7 minutes in just 3 months. At the age of 53 and having run (uncoached) for the last 20 years, I am overjoyed that my times are actually getting faster!

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