Date: 11/5/2017

Start Time: 7:45am

Avg Temps (f): 51/38

Time Limit: Must be finished with 29k (18 miles) by 12pm

Lessons Learned from Race Reports

  • The race often coincides with Daylight Savings Time, which means an extra hour of sleep, but also means you need to pay close attention to wake up times
  • Much of the course exposed to wind and there is usually a high probability of wind on race day, especially after 30k (18.6 miles) because it’s along the water
  • Lots of half marathoners to fend for space in the last 10-12k on the out and back, which also makes it tough for the sharp turnaround at 36.5k (22.7 miles).
  • Race seems to be split into the first 30km and the last 12km because of the nature of the course, with running through neighborhoods and on the parkway (first 30k), and then getting off the parkway briefly on trail, and then out and back along the water (last 12k).
  • After 28k (17.4 miles) there is a short trail section and a small section of cement blocks filled with dirt, so pay attention and take extra care for foot placement


Type: Point to Point with an Out and Back portion form 31km to 41km (miles 19.25-25.5)
Start/Finish Info: Starting line and Finishing line are different. Shuttles provided for runners from the finish to the start. Directions to the finish here.
Hills: ~20-25 feet over the course of 3 hills from ~ miles 3-6, loss of ~125 feet from 12.5 miles to 18.5
Link to Map and Elevation

Aid stations

Locations of water stations: Water and Nuun every 3km (1.9 miles)
Locations of electrolyte stations: 29km (mile 18)
Electrolyte offered: Cliff Gel and Bloks

Spectator access

Access Locations: Access to the start, see race website for parking details and road closures.

Boston qualifier?


Race reports

Dan L’s 2017 Race Report (has a good picture of the trail section with cement blocks and a good course description)

Race Website