Jemez Mountain 50 Race Info





Los Alamos, NM

Avg Temps f.


Gain/Loss in ft


ft/mile gain


Highest Elev.

~10,400 (2 times)





Time Limit

8:15pm cutoff at mile 46.8




Furthest Aid

9 miles

Summary: A course that’s often a buildup race for Bighorn and Hardrock runners, this tough race features runnable single track, long, extended climbs, and two times around 10,400 feet, not to mention technical descents and a remote section of cross country, grassy plains. In addition to the 50 mile race is a 50k and 15 mile option. New course in 2018 with a re-route section that is off-trail, steep, bushy, brutal and over fallen trees! See details here.

Lessons Learned from Race Reports

  • Cupless race
  • Mandatory gear list, including a bear bell through the Valles Caldera National Preserve
  • A few really technical sections, including steep ups and downs, with loose scree/sand/rock
  • Use the runnable single track when you get it because a lot of the course’s ups and downs are much less runnable
  • Many runners underestimate the course and the loooong climbs, at 8,000-10,000 feet, the climbs feel that much longer
  • Pay attention to course markings, as Elk tend to eat the flags and some markers get moved by hikers
  • Expect sections to take much longer than expected
  • Be ready for false summits on the two biggest climbs, as there are communication towers that look like the top, but they are not
  • Lots of exposure – remember hats, sunscreen, ice if it’s hot
  • Temperature swings with getting to that high of elevation along with dry air
  • Runners use this is a buildup race for Hardrock, so that tells you the difficulty level of the race
  • Off-trail sections in 2018 will make for slow, possibly frustrating miles


Total gain/loss: ~12,420/12,420

Ft/mile gain: 244

Total climbs: 2 major (1x2800ft, 1x2600ft), 3 medium (500-800 ft), Many 100-400ft gains

Longest climb: ~2800 ft from miles ~26-34.5

Steepest climb: ~900 ft in .6 miles at miles 8 and 38

Course Map/Elevation profile

Aid stations

Total aid stations: 10

Furthest distance apart: 9 miles

Locations: Miles 9, 12.6, 15.3, 20.9, 27.7, 32.8, 35.5, 40.6, 46.2, 49.9

What’s available: Water – NO CUPS, Tailwind Endurance Fuel (electrolyte drink) – NO CUPS, VFuel gels: limited supply at the aid stations for the longer races, soda (various flavors), assorted salty foods (pretzels, potato chips, peanuts, etc.), fresh fruits (such as oranges, bananas, watermelon, and grapes), boiled potatoes with salt for dipping, candy (M&Ms, hard fruit candy, etc.), cookies and Fig Newtons, sandwiches (nominally PB&J, Ski Lodge AS will have turkey/ham/cheese)

Crew access

Access Locations: Miles 12.6 (hike), 15.3, 20.9 (hike), 32.8 (hike), 35.5, 40.6 (hike), 49.9

Crew instructions/directions: See race packet, starting on page 17


Yes, starting from either mile 35.5 or 49.9

Race qualifiers

UTMB – 4 points (50m), 2 points (50k)

Race reports

Jeff U’s 2018 race report (lots of good pictures)

Strava activities and GPX files (old course)

Race Website