Kodiak 100 Race Report – Chris B

Race: Kodiak 100

Runner: Chris B

Race Date: 8/16/19

Race Location: Big Bear CA

The night started well, focusing on a conservative pace. Fast hiking over running.

When I got to mile 25 AS, I was tired negotiating the canyons (3k feet descent over 2 miles followed by 3k feet climb over 2 miles – yeah it was brutal) but in good spirits.

When I left that AS, I was unprepared for the cold and it completely wrecked me (I learned later the temps dropped down to 32 degrees, from a daytime high of 94 degrees. I forgot we were above 8000 feet). My pace slowed to a crawl. My night was really rough. When the sun came up, I felt like I had nothing left in the tank. I focused on fixing this by eating as much as possible and it worked. Place ranking went from 147th to 129th. I was chasing the cutoff but dropping was never an option.

I was determined to get to Mile 55 AS but got increasingly tired and begin doubting myself. I kept moving and was still passing runners slower than me. I was disappointed when I missed the cutoff at that AS. By 15 minutes.

Before I forget, hallucinations. Big time. “People” in trees calling my name. It freaked the hell out of me.

At point, my goal was to make it to mile 65 AS. At least. I am incredibly grateful to those who sacrificed their time and energy to look out for me this weekend. I hope to return the favor soon. I know I’ll get finish a hundred mile very soon. Obviously I have no problem with 50 milers 🙂 and I don’t want to lose my current level of fitness.

Things I learned: I I have become better at recognizing my highs and my lows. It’s really not as scary as it used to be 🙂 Lastly, my heat training paid off tremendously. The heat of the day had runners dropping like flies. I wasn’t impacted in the least. I did it right this time.

Pictures from the day:

kodiak 100 race report
My fiancee helps me with my bib…small safety pins vs big fingers
kodiak 100 race report
My buddy Marcus to crew me and my fiancee
kodiak 100 race report
At the starting line
kodiak 100 race report
Mile 6 AS. Sun’s going down so I refill my bottles and grab my headlamp (members of Civil Air Patrol were our volunteers!). I wouldn’t see my crew until mile 25 AS!
kodiak 100 race report
Mile 55 AS with my fiancee Kendra and race photographer Howie Stern.
kodiak 100 race report
Mile 55 AS with the whole gang: Marcus, Kendra and my pacer Andrea (2 times Western States and UTMB finisher)