Peterson Ridge Rumble 40 Miler Race Info



Avg Temps f.


Gain/Loss in ft


Furthest Aid

7.1 miles

Highest Elev.


Time Limit



8am (early start at 7am)


Runnable trail with some dirt road

Course Records

4:18:36 (Ryan Kaiser)

4:57:05 (Joelle Vaught)



Longest Climb

700 ft over 6 miles




Race Details

The Peterson Ridge Rumble is a local race that attracts some speedy people. It’s mostly very runnable, which is obvious from the fast times. On the second long climb there are two steep sections that slow everyone down. There can be snow at the peaks, depending on the year.


Mostly trail with some dirt road sections


Detailed course description:

  1. The start to mile 3 is flat and fast, with some rolling hills gaining only 100-150 ft on your way to mile 8
  2. Miles 8 to 15 are the first of two long climbs on the course, gaining about 500 ft over 7 miles
  3. The next 10 miles (to 25) are fast and downhill
  4. The second long climb gains around 700ft over the next 6 miles (to 31). There are two steeper sections in this climb, each gaining between 250-300 ft in a mile
  5. The last section loses 700ft over 9 miles, with a couple of small 50-75 ft climbs at miles 33 and 37 to break up the descent.



Total gain/loss: 3000/3000

Total climbs: 2 primary climbs

Longest climb: 700ft over 6 miles

Steepest climb: 270 ft over .9 miles

Elevation profile


Aid stations

Total aid stations: 7 (mile 14.8 water/Nuun only)

Furthest distance apart: 7.1 miles

Locations: 7.1, 10.3, 14.8, 18.3, 22.5, 28.5, 35

NOTE: Aid Stations 3 (mi 14.8), 6 (mi 28.5), & 7 (mi 35) are cupless.

What’s available: water, Nuun Hydration, cola, gels, fruit, potatoes, candy, chips, etc.


Race reports


Strava activities and GPX files



Packet pickup

Footzone in downtown Bend Oregon

Friday, April 7, 3 p.m. – 6 p.m.

Saturday, April 8, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Also, at the finish area near the track, April 9, 6 a.m. – 15 minutes before your race starts.



Start and finish at Sisters Middle School

Park in the main Sisters Middle School parking lot off of Hwy 242; do not gain access via the rear entrance by the track, as this is reserved for race official vehicles.


Race start and cutoff times

8am start (with 7am early start)

5PM cutoff


Race Website





Near Sisters, OR with the start and finish at the Sisters Middle School track




Crew Directions

Start to AS 1 (also AS 5): Go east on McKenzie Hwy towards Sisters. Turn right at the “T” onto Cascade Ave. Turn right on Elm (Three Creeks Rd). Go about 2 miles to FS 4606, turn left. NOTE: THERE IS A GOOD CHANCE THAT RUNNERS WILL BE ON THIS ROAD – USE EXTREME CAUTION!! Drive about 1 mile (1/4 mile past where the runners turn rt). Just past the big filled-in “pit” on the right, turn right and follow this road to AS 1.

AS 1 to AS 2 (also AS 4): Retrace your route back to Three Creeks Rd. Turn left. Drive about 2 miles to FS 1608, turn left. Follow 1608 (stay right at the first left curve) up a short, steep hill. You’ll then cross the race route just before FS 500. This is the aid station.

AS 2 to AS 3: Retrace your route back to Three Creeks Rd. Turn left. Drive a little over 2 miles; just past the top of the steep hill on the left, the race course trail comes to the road. This is the aid station (FS Road 442 is on the right side of the road).

AS 3 to AS 4: Retrace your steps from AS 3 to AS 2/4.

AS 4 to AS 5: Retrace your steps from AS 4 to AS 1.

AS 6: Please do not drive to this aid station, as the runners will be running on this road.

AS 7: From the start/finish, go west on McKenzie Hwy. about 1/2 mile. Turn left on Pole Creek Rd/FS 15. Drive approx. 3 miles to FS 100, turn left. Drive another 1/4 mile and you’re at the Cow Camp Aid Station