Rock n Roll Arizona Marathon Race Info

Lessons Learned from Race Reports

  • Temps are cool to start but be prepared for a sunny race
  • Because the course doesn’t share the same route with the half marathoners, it doesn’t feel super crowded and may even get a little lonely in the later miles
  • Out and back portion from mile ~12.7-20 can be a little boring in terms of scenery and course entertainment, especially because the first half is more interesting and fewer spectators are on this section
  • A couple of race reports indicating the race running out of gels and fruit, so be sure to have backup fuel on you for either stretches of miles without fuel or if they run out
  • Easy to take the light rail to the start of the race since the start/finish is in different places
  • Have a change of clothes at the end or at least something warm to put on, as you will get chilly standing around
  • Know where the gel stations are going to be, as it may not be signed and past years had just a few people handing them out
  • The hill around miles 23-24 is going to feel fairly brutal being that late in the race. Know that a downhill to the finish is coming afterwards


Type: Point to Point with an out and back in the middle

Start/Finish Info: Starts in Phoenix, finishes outside of Tempe. See Transport page for info on shuttles/parking

Hills: 300 feet gradual gain from mile 1.2-12, downhill/slightly rolling until mile 23, uphill 23-24,then rolling until the finish on a slight downhill

Course Map/Elevation Profile

Aid stations

Locations of aid stations: Frequency is every ~2 miles. Difficult to see the locations on the course map markers.

Electrolyte offered: Water, Gatorade Endurance (Lemon-Lime) and SiS gels (variety of flavors)

Spectator access

Access Locations: See information on Road Closures. Other races happening the same weekend, so be aware of those races and road closures.

Boston qualifier?


Race reports

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