2/4/2017 – 100M

2/11/2017 – 50M

Avg Temps f.

42-49 lows

60-69 highs

Gain/Loss in ft

~7500 (100M)

~2300 (50M)

Furthest Aid

6.95 – 100M

3.55 – 50M

Highest Elev.

370 ft.

Time Limit

30 hrs – 100M

15 hrs – 50M


6 am – Both


Mostly runnable dirt trails, roots

Course Record

12:44.33 (Ian Sharman)

14:22.18 (Nicole Studer)

5:43.08 (Todd Braje)

6:59.40 (Melanie Fryar)




Longest Climb


<200 ft.






Rocky Raccoon 50M and 100M are popular trail races for beginners looking to complete their first ultras or veterans looking for a PR in either distance. All runnable trails on soft pine needles, wooden bridges and minimally technical, yet sometimes rooty terrain, with minimal elevation change. Loop course with generous cutoffs, and includes a 50k as well on the same day as the 50M. In 2016 the course was adjusted to accommodate construction and that course will again be used in 2017. The altered course includes more jeep roads, more climbing (about 1,500 feet per loop) and more distance (about .3 mile/loop so 1.5 miles total).

Race Details


Mostly runnable trail, single track and jeep roads, pine needles, wooden bridges, roots, rolling hills

Detailed course description:

  1. Dogwood to Nature Center – miles 0 to 3.1
    1. Mainly single track, pine covered and rooty, with some wooden bridges that can be slick if it’s wet or cold (or worst case, frozen). Gets a little crowded later in the race because it’s an out and back section.
  2. Nature Center to Damnation – miles 3.1 to 5.7
    1. Single track followed by a wider jeep road following the perimeter of the park. A section of the jeep road is shared with others running from Damnation to Park Road later in the loop.
  3. Damnation to Damnation – miles 5.7 to 12.7
    1. Slightly moderate, rolling hills along the perimeter of the park followed by single track, then the same perimeter road coming back to Damnation, thus sharing with others leaving Damnation for the loop. This part of the course changed due to dam construction.
  4. Damnation to Park Road – miles 12.7 to 15.6
    1. Slightly moderate, rolling hills along the perimeter of the park on a jeep road.
  5. Park Road to Dogwood – miles 15.6 to 20
    1. Sharing a big chunk of miles from the first 3 miles of the course, running on single track, rooty trails, over wooden bridges.

Crew access

Full crew access at Dogwood, the Start/Finish area, which is every 20 miles for the 100M race and every 16.67 miles for the 50M race. Crew access allowed at all other aid stations, but must walk or bike, no cars. Only walking access to Damnation. No tents at the Start/Finish, but pop up shelters allowed.

Link to list:

100M –

50M –

Crew instructions/directions:

Best places to crew are at Dogwood (Start/Finish), miles 0, 20, 40, 60, 80 and 100, at Nature Center, miles 3.1, 23.1, 43.1, 63.1, 83.1, and at Park Road, miles 15.6, 35.6, 55.6, 75.6, and 95.6. There is one road in and out of the park, Park Road, and the distance from Dogwood to Park Road is about 2 miles, with Nature Center in between. It’s entirely feasible to crew at Dogwood, walk/run/bike to Nature Center, have plenty of time to go to Park Road, and then back to Dogwood.

Drop bags:

100M – Allowed at Dogwood (Start/Finish), leave on race morning and at Damnation (miles 5.7 and 12.7 of each loop). Leave Damnation drop bags at the lodge on Friday, no race morning drop off. Bags returned at 12pm Sunday.

50M – Only allowed at Dogwood (Start/Finish) leave on race morning.


Total gain/loss: 100M – 7,500 gain/loss (on construction course)

50M – 2,300 gain/loss

Total climbs: Rollers, no major climbs/descents

Aid stations

This is a CUPLESS Race! No cups given for cold food/drink (cups given for hot food/drink at night). You are required to stay at the aid station with any paper and/or styrofoam cups/bowls and risk being DQ’d if you leave the aid station with them.

Total aid stations: Both – 4 (not including start and finish)

Furthest distance apart: 100M – 6.95, 50M – 3.55

Locations: 100M – 3.1, 2.64, 6.95, 2.96, 4.36

50M – 3.13, 2.64, 3.55, 2.96, 4.39

What’s available: Tailwind, Vfuel gels, Saltstick, water, ginger ale, coke, other salty items in pretzels and chips, sugars in candies, plus cookies, ramen, and pb&j sandwiches. Usually fresh fruits such as oranges, bananas, and melons. Depending on the weather, cold stuff when it’s extra hot and hot stuff when it’s cold. After dark, soup or mashed potatoes, broths, hot drinks, grilled cheese, and such. Not all aid stations will have the same foods. Will provide meat & vegetarian options with no claims to gluten free or vegan needs. If you have special needs, bring your own.


100M – Allowed to start from any aid station after 60 miles. Only one pacer at a time, no muling, if age 60+ you can have a pacer the entire race

50M – Allowed to start from any aid station after dark. Only one pacer at a time, no muling.

Race reports

Strava activities and GPX files




Packet pickup

100M – Friday, 3-6pm at Huntsville State Park in the lodge

Saturday, 4:45-5:45am at Huntsville State Park in the lodge (race morning)

50M – Friday, 3-6pm at Huntsville State Park in the lodge

Saturday, 4:45-5:45am at Huntsville State Park in the lodge (race morning)


Parking inside Huntsville State Park only at the lodge (the Start/Finish area). Plenty of parking, mainly paved, and as directed by park staff. $5 entrance fee for anyone over 12.

Race start and cutoff times

Start (100M) – 6am, Saturday, February 4

Start (50M) – 6am, Saturday, February 11

100M – There is a 30 HOUR time limit. The fifth loop (mile 80) cutoff is 6am and the final race cutoff is 12pm

50M – There is a 15 HOUR time limit. The third loop (mile 33.34) cutoff is 4pm and the final race cutoff is 9pm

Race Website

Race Documents

These race documents are all inclusive for race information, so if you read through this, you will have nearly everything you need to know about the race.

100M –

50M –


Register on the Tejas Trails website.

Max runners in 100M – 600

Max runners in 50M – 250


Huntsville State Park, 565 Park Road 50 West, Hunstville, TX

There is a $5 park fee to be paid upon entrance to the park for anyone over 12.

No dogs allowed on course or at any aid station.


Houston airport is the closest, about 65 miles away, with Dallas as an option at 179 miles away. You will probably need a car.


Tent camping, shelters and RV camping in Huntsville State Park, as well as hotels in Huntsville and surrounding towns. Airbnb options in surrounding towns such as Conroe and The Woodlands (30-45 minute drive away).

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