Date: 10/15/17

Start Time: 7:30am

Avg Temps (f): 45/58

Time Limit: 5 hours

Distances Offered: Marathon, Half Marathon, 10k

Lessons Learned from Race Reports

  • While it’s a small race, the out and back sections can get crowded
  • Likely to have wet, rainy conditions being in Seattle, so be prepared for any weather condition
  • Could get windy with out and back sections, so adjust your effort accordingly into the wind
  • Out and back section along the river can be a bit boring for scenery


Type: Two out and backs with the same start/finish location

Hills: First 10 miles includes the hills, including hills of ~50 feet at miles 0, 4, 7.5, and 9, all over the course of ~.5 mile, and then a smaller ~25 foot hill to the finish.

Map/Elevation: Maps and Elevation found here

Aid stations

Locations of water stations: Water and Nuun approximately every 2 miles

Electrolyte offered: Gels will be available, locations and type TBD

Spectator access

Access Locations: Some access when runners are near downtown Snohomish, but less access when runners are running along the river. Check Course Maps.

Boston qualifier?


Race reports

Race Website