skagit flats marathon

Skagit Flats HM and Marathon Race Info



Avg Temps f.


Gain/Loss in ft


Furthest Aid

2.5 miles

Highest Elev.

40 feet





Time Limit

6 hours



Longest Climb

25 feet

Summary: Flat and fast rural course through the Skagit Valley, and the marathon is a Boston qualifier. Both races are out and back courses from the same starting point, run on rural roads through the Skagit Valley farmlands (roads not closed to traffic) and both finish on the Burlington-Edison High School track.

Lessons Learned from Race Reports

-Course is run on the edge of country roads not closed to traffic

-Could be windy because it’s on open country roads, which means hard to run into the headwind and hotter running with a tailwind

-Marathon gets a little lonely once the half marathoners turn around

-Not much shade on the course, so wear hat and/or sunglasses, could feel hotter than it is because of being in the sun

-Smaller races, so if you’re fast, you’re likely to be alone

-Not many spectators on the course

-Running in rural roads in the wind means stinky whiffs of manure along the way


Total gain/loss: 139/139 (at the very most, incredibly flat course)

Total climbs: 2 of 25 feet within a mile, between miles 0-1 and 25-26

Map & Elevation Profile

Aid stations

Total aid stations: 15

Furthest distance apart: 2.5 miles

Locations: 1.5 miles, 2.25 miles, 3.75 miles, 6 miles (Gu gel available), 8.25 miles, 9.75 miles (Gu gel available), 11.75 miles, 14.25 miles, 16.25 miles (Gu gel available), 17.75 miles, 20 miles (Gu gel available), 22.25 miles, 23.75 miles, 24.5 miles, 25.5 miles.

What’s available: Water, Gu Brew, pretzels, oranges, kettle chips, watermelon and Succeed S-Caps will be available at all stations. Gu Energy Gel will be available at aid stations 4 and 6 (marathon mile markers 6, 9.75, 16.25 and 20).

Crew access

Roads not closed to traffic, so check along map route for good access points



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