Mt. Hood, OR

Avg Temps f.

71/48 (Government Camp, OR)

Gain/Loss in ft

100k: 11,600/11,600

50k: 6,500/5,100

ft/mile gain

100k: 187 ft/mi

50k: 210 ft/mi

Highest Elev.

~6,000 feet


100k: 5am

50k: 8am



Time Limit

100k: 17 hours

50k : TBD




Furthest Aid

7.6 miles


Summary: Super scenic, runnable singletrack trails on the slopes of Mt. Hood, with plenty of vert to challenge runners in both events. New for 2019, the 100k course is an out and back starting and finishing at Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort, while the 50k is a point to point, starting at Rim Rock and finishing at Mt. Hood Meadows (new 50k course in 2019, about 1,500 feet less climbing).

Lessons Learned from Race Reports

  • Typical weather is warm and sunny but 2018, the inaugural year, saw rain, fog and chilly temperatures, so be prepared. Several race reports talking about being very cold for a lot of the race and not being able to stop long at aid stations because they were so chilly.
  • New course for 50k in 2019 – less elevation gain of 6,500 vs. 8,000 in 2018
  • Course descriptions on race website note creek crossings – be prepared for wet feet and possibly have shoes in your drop bag if you think this will bother you


Total gain/loss:

100k: 11,600/11,600

50k: 6,500/5,100

Ft/mile gain:

100k: 187 ft/mi

50k: 210 ft/mi

Total climbs:

100k: 6 main climbs of ~1,000-1,500ft, with the longest and most gain from miles ~7-14 and ~37-44

50k: 3 main climbs of ~1,000-1,500ft, with the longest and most gain from miles ~6-13 and ~25-30

100k Course Map/Elevation profile

50k Course Map/Elevation profile

Aid stations

Total aid stations:

100k – 9

50k – 4

Furthest distance apart: 7.6 miles


100k: Miles 7.4, 11.6, 18.4, 26, 31.3, 36.6, 44.2, 51, 55.2 (Bold = Crew access)

50k: Miles 5.5, 13.1, 20, 24.2

What’s available: Not noted on website – prepare for typical aid station fare of salty and sweet, soda, water, and plan accordingly if you need something special. Drop bags are allowed at several aid stations.

Crew access

Access Locations:

100k: Miles 7.4, 26, 36.6, 55.2, and start/finish. Miles 7.4 and 55.2 are the same aid station (Bennett Pass), and 26 and 36.6 are the same as well (Surveyor’s Ridge)

50k: Miles 24.2 (Bennett Pass) and finish at Mt. Hood Meadows. Not enough parking at Surveyor’s Ridge (mile 5.5) for 50k crew.

Crew instructions/directions: Limited parking at aid station at miles 26 and 36.6 for 100k runners (Surveyor’s Ridge) and 50k crew are asked to not go to that aid station because of parking.



Race qualifiers

UTMB Points:

100k: 4 points

50k: 2 points

Race reports

Rob S’s 2018 50k Race Report

Strava activities and GPX files

None for 100k, inaugural year, and none for new 50k route

Race Website