Beacon Rock 25k/50k Race Info



Avg Temps f.


Gain/Loss in ft

7500/7500 (50k)

3750/3750 (25k)

Furthest Aid

6.3 miles (both races)

Highest Elev.

~2600 ft

Time Limit

9 hours (50k)

7 hours (25k)


8:15am (both)


Mixture of pavement (0.6mi), single track trail, and wider double track or dirt road

Course Records

Connor Meakin (4:23:25)

Marta Fisher (5:30:05)

Matt Palilla (2:02:03)

Ladia Albertson-Junkans (2:10:10)



Longest Climb





Summary: The route is basically a ~23km “figure eight”, which also has a 0.8 mile out and back from the start/finish area, The Beacon Rock Group Camp Site, in order to add up to 25k. The 50k is two “loops” of the 25k course. Each loop has a mixture of pavement(0.6mi), single track trail, and wider double track or dirt road. Most of the time the tread is smooth and the grade is gradual.  

Race Details

Course Description

  1. First 3 miles are a combination of mostly runnable horse trails and single track to reach the first peak on Hardy Ridge, which is 1800 ft of gain from the beginning until about 3 miles into the race.
  2. Then 2.5 miles of mostly downhill, winding, single track trails, followed by a short 500 foot gain over a mile. The course then dips 250 feet over about .5 mile before climbing up to Hamilton Mountain.
  3. The 2 mile/900 foot climb up Hamilton Mountain is mostly power-climbable with a few spots of trotting in between, right around 8-8.5 miles.
  4. From the peak of Hamilton Mountain around mile 9, the next 3 miles to Kueffler Road are mainly downhill, losing 2400 feet.
  5. Last 1.3 miles includes a gain of 750 feet.

Lessons Learned from Race Reports

  • Most of the course is in the shade, which is helpful if it’s hot
  • The climbs are long
  • No cell reception in the park
  • Rocky, exposed switchbacks up Hamilton Mountain, with some steep scrambles, and this is when it starts getting hot during the day
  • Likely lot of other hikers out on the trail, especially for the 50k runners, to dodge on their second loop


Total gain/loss: 7500/7500 (50k), 3750/3750 (25k)

Total climbs: 1x1800ft, 1×500, 1×900, 1×750 (per 25k loop)

Longest climb: 1800ft over 3.1 miles

Steepest climb: 800 ft in .7 at the end of the 3.1 mile climb


Elevation profile

Aid stations

Total aid stations: 5 for the 50k and 2 for the 25k

Furthest distance apart: 6.3 miles for each race


50k: miles 5.5, 11.8, 15.5, 21.0, and 27.3.
25k there are two aid stations at mile 5.5 and 11.8.

What’s available: *NOTE*: While it’s not a cupless race, it’s highly recommended you carry your own cup/drinking vessel. Water, potato chips, PB&J, fresh fruit (oranges, bananas, grapes), chocolate/candy, GU gels and GU Brew, tortillas for gluten-free folks, and tasty Trail Butter inside tortillas. Soda such as Coke and Ginger Ale.

Drop Bags:

50k runners who would like to have a drop bag at mile 15.5 can do so and leave their bag, labeled with their name and bib number, at check-in.

No drop bags for 25k runners.

Crew access

Furthest distance apart: 6.3 miles

Crew instructions/directions:

Hardy Aid Station (mile 5.5, 11.8, 21.0, and 27.3 for the 50k and mile 5.5, 11.8 for the 25k) requires a 1.2 mile uphill walk from the Equestrian Trailhead up the Equestrian Trail.  The Camp Aid Station (mile 15.5 for the 50k) does not require any walking and is right at the race start/finish.



Runner Tracking

Not likely

Race qualifiers


Race reports


Maria H’s 2017 race report

Stephanie G’s 2017 race report


Strava activities and GPX files




Packet pickup

7am day of the race (Bring Photo ID)

Race start and cutoff times

8:15am (Both 50k and 25k)

12:30 PM Cutoff at Camp Aid Station mile 15.5 for the 50k
4:15 PM  Cutoff at Hardy Aid Station mile 11.8 for the 25k and mile 27.3 for the 50k.

Race Website–25k.html


Via Ultrasignup


Beacon Rock State Park Group Camp Site near North Bonneville, WA about 45-60 minutes northeast of Portland, OR


You will need a car to drive to the race and carpooling is best, if possible, because of limited parking.


The camping at the start/finish at the Beacon Rock Group Campsite is free, first come/first served, primitive and not suitable for RVs larger than 20-23′.