Capital City Half Marathon Race Report – Abby Shaffer

Race: Capital City Half Marathon

Runner: Coach Abby Shaffer

Race Date: 04/30/2022

Location: Columbus, Ohio

Results: 1:40:48

3 Bests – What aspects of the race did you like the most?

I loved that it was local to me, always a bonus. It is also spectator friendly and everyone will be cheering you on. People will be sitting outside their townhomes/apartments and watch, always giving encouragement to those running.

Not so much – Aspects of the race that didn’t do it for you

Towards the final 5 miles, there were some steep hills that were difficult, especially on tired legs.

Weird factor – What’s the weirdest thing about this race?

Not really weird, but you get a free beer and margarita at the end!

Highlights of your race – What did you do well and enjoy about your race in particular?

This race was a huge PR for me, my last half-marathons was 1:46 and some change. I didn’t think I could get below 1:45 but was pleasantly surprised. I started off quick, as many of us do with the endorphins, and rode the high for a few miles. I started to notice half way through that my pace was quicker than my goal and that I didn’t feel a need to slow down. I was tired at the end, but not exhausted.

Lessons for others – Share your pro-tips on the race to help the next runner

My biggest tip is to trust your training and remain calm. You put in the work. Don’t second guess yourself and believe that you can accomplish your goals. Only part of the race is physical, it’s mainly mental. Get yourself a pace buffer for the hills at the end so you can take them slow.

Lessons you learned that will help you next time around

Don’t put on a spray tan the day before without washing it off

Most important course specific knowledge to know about the race

There are hills the final few miles, luckily I was ahead of pace and was able to slow down on the hills

Aesthetics – Is it a pretty course?

The city isn’t very scenic, but you go through The Ohio State University campus which for me is always fun since I’m an alumni.

Difficulty – Is it a tough course?

Only towards the end

Organized and well run – Did it feel like a well-oiled machine or were they flying by the seat of their pants?

Very well organized!

Competition – Is there a strong field?

A lot of Columbus people run it

Logistics – Does it require a special handshake, registration a year in advance, hotels all booked? Give us the low down on the nuts and bolts of making the race happen.

It’s in the city so there are local hotels that I’m sure the race partners with for rates. For me, if I’m traveling to a race I prefer staying at an Airbnb.

The venue for packet pick-up is small so don’t expect to pick up any extra nutrition or hydration

Aid Stations – Standard fare or anything special to know about the aid stations in terms of what’s available or when?

There’s plenty of aid stations that have both water and gatorade.

Weather and typical race conditions

Race day is usually in the mid 50s, perfect for racing. This day specifically it was sprinkling on and off but nothing unbearable.

Gear – Did you need anything special or is there anything you’d recommend for the next runner?

Ohio weather is unpredictable so bring everything

Spectators – Is this a friendly course for your friends?

YES! People in Ohio love to bike and you can get from one place to the other easily

How’s the Swag?

Love the t-shirts, very comfortable!

The Overall Score – How many stars do you give this race and do you recommend that others run it?

I would say 4 out of 5 stars

Abby is a coach with Team RunRun. To learn more about her or to work with her, check out her coach profile.