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$95.00 / month and a $19.00 sign-up fee

I specialize in coaching beginners of all ages. My expertise also lends itself to veteran runners who need a reboot.



Tulsa running coach Scott Sayler has experience coaching both beginner and advanced marathoners, including help with establishing a running base, preparing you for your upcoming race, tapering, race strategy and post race recovery.

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LEVELS: Beginner, Intermediate
TYPES: Road, Trail, Track
DISTANCES: 5k/10k/Half Marathon, Marathon
TRAINING PLATFORM: Training Peaks Premium
TRAINING PLAN: Individual, customized training plan
COMMUNICATION: Unlimited email, unlimited text, unlimited phone
RESPONSE TIME: Within 24 hours


  • I enjoy working with all levels of ability. Whether you are lacing up your shoes for the first time in a while or an accomplished masters marathoner, I will be with you every step of the way. Your personal training plan will include establishing a running base, preparing you for your upcoming race, tapering, race strategy and post race recovery.
  • Developing a training schedule for you regardless of how unusual your schedule is. My experience as a 35 year international airline pilot and a father of four gives me a unique background to assist you with your schedule. I will develop a training schedule that fits into your life. I will always strive to be creative and flexible with your workouts.
  • Working with clients that travel on a regular basis, both domestic and international. Not only will I be able to create a training plan to your travel needs, but I will assist you with some sleeping and hydration techniques that worked for me when I traveled.


  • I want you to enjoy running for the rest of your life. This occurs by thinking longterm, being smart during your workouts and communicating with your coach on a daily basis.
  • Consistency in training is the single most important thing that leads to success for a runner.
  • I will deliver a program tailored to your strengths and weaknesses. It will fit your lifestyle with maximum effectiveness.
  • All successful coaches are good communicators. You can’t ask me too many questions or send me too much information. I will always be available to you in a timely fashion to answer all of your questions.


Most of my coaching experience has been gained over the past 8 years training on a daily basis with the very first online running coach.

I’ve learned first hand what it takes to be a successful online coach. I have coached several runners over the past several years.


  • I get great satisfaction from helping others achieve their goals and dreams. I’ve been running my entire life. I communicate my knowledge in a clear, comprehensive and easy to understand manner for both the elite and recreational runner.
  • As a retired International Airline Pilot, I have figured out how to deal with training with respect to jet lag and red eyes. I can adapt your workouts to any type of travel schedule.


  • Coach Jon Sinclair: Personal Running Coach for the past 8 years
  • Coach Damon Martin, Head Coach Adams State, Cross-Country, Track & Field
  • Coach Joe Vigil, Head Coach Adams State, Cross-Country, Track & Field
  • Jackson Sayler, Adams State Athlete, Cross-Country, Track & Field
  • Extensive reading of successful running coaches


  • Competed in multiple masters 5Ks, 10Ks, 1/2 Marathons and Marathons
  • I continue to train and race in distances up to and including the Marathon
  • Running technical mountain trails in the Colorado Rockies
  • 6th Masters USA Snowshoeing 10K National Championship
  • Three Year Varsity Letterman UCLA Crew


  • Half Marathon: 1:29:16 August 21,1988 – America’s Finest City Half, Age 33
  • Marathon: 3:14:45 October 2, 1988 – Twin Cities Marathon, Age 33
  • 10K: 51:39 September 2, 2019 – FORTitude 10K Fort Collins, Age 64, 4th Place Age Group
  • 5K: 23:52 December 23, 2017 – Christmas Carol Classic, Age 62, 1st Place Age Group
  • Snowshoe 10K: 1:13:54 February 25, 2012 – U.S. National Snowshoe Championship, 6th Place Age Group


  • Most Valuable Oarsman UCLA Crew 1975
  • 6th place finish in age group US National Snowshoe Championship


  • USA Track & Field Coaching Certification


Finding a coach who is a great fit for you is really important. We encourage you to email your coach prior to signing up so you can connect, communicate, and ensure a good athlete/coach fit.

Give us a brief history of your running, and this can include what distances and/or races you’ve run, how long you’ve been running, any past or present injuries, if you’ve worked with a coach or a specific training program before, etc.
Any short term or long term goals?
Describe your ideal coach/athlete relationship.
Any questions/comments for Team RunRun or the Coach in general?



2 reviews for Scott Sayler – Tulsa Running Coach

  1. 5 out of 5

    Holly Hester

    I highly recommend Coach Scott Sayler! He is knowledgeable, patient, and kind. He is really good at motivating me to get running. Though I have been running off and on most of my life, I tend to get injured by jumping back in too fast. I’ve been working with him for two months, and he has helped me ease back into running without getting injured (so far!), and that is worth a lot to me. I’ve never met him in person, but feel like he’s a friend who has my best interest in mind. If you want/need a supportive and motivating coach, Scott Sayler is your guy!

  2. 5 out of 5

    Ronald Hyatt

    I was the heaviest and most out of shape I had been in my life. I found myself having to rest between flights of stairs and even my “fat” pants were so tight I had to unbutton them to be able to sit comfortably when driving. Since working with Scott I’ve dropped 18 pounds, hills and stairs aren’t as tough as they used to be. Scott has been patient and encouraged me even when I wasn’t being the most easy guy to work with. He’s even changed my attitude and outlook on life, for which I will be eternally grateful. I can’t believe how far I’ve come from where I was and I owe it all to Scott. I truly believe with Scott’s coaching and guidance that I will reach my fitness goals. Who knows…I may even surpass them.

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