Gear: Naked Running Band

naked running band
Post-run bliss after emptying out this long-haul helper

Runner: Nathan McBride

Typical Price: $50

Where to buy:

Best Use: Earlier this summer I tried and did not like their vest because it just did not work on my long torso. About a week or so ago I bought their Naked Band and this thing is a game changer. I wore it on Monday for a 75k training run and again today for a 50k run and both times I had it absolutely loaded with crap…

Monday I had 8 clif blox gel packs, my cell phone spare battery and usb cable (about 5 oz), 2 baggies of tailwind, my car keys, my airpods case, spare buff and two hand wipe packs….ZERO bounce, zero movement and never noticed it was there. It just sits on the hips so perfectly…no chafing or rubbing and I found an added bonus with today’s run that I could just hook my hat to the back when it got too sweaty.

I used to have to carry all this crap in my vest and I just could never get comfortable with the bouncing effect. I only had two bottles in my orange mud pack and my phone and it was like I was completely freed up top and felt much lighter overall. Can’t recommend this belt enough. I will be wearing it for my 100 in 2.5 weeks and expect it to carry everything I need.

Naked Running Band Sizing: True to size

Additional Sizing Comments: I am a 37.25″ waist when I wear my CWX compression shorts so I ordered their 37″ size and it is a perfect fit.

Comparison to Past Models: Never tried a belt before – I have always tried to make do with either my OMud pack or my Nathan vest and always end up having to just cram crap in everywhere and then spend all this time trying to find what I need later in the race.

Durability: So far so good! 80 miles of abuse and sweat and it’s still like new. 🙂

Changes for the next model: I personally hope they don’t change anything.

The True Test – Would you recommend this to a friend? I plan on gifting this to several people this Xmas.

Keeping it Honest – Any affiliations or free gear? I am not affiliated and I paid my hard earned cash. Like I said, I tried their vest this summer and was disappointed but I liked the concept so gave it another try. Winner!!

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